7.13.14 #Called to Serve

Detroit Temple

Last Friday, I received a call from my Stake President’s secretary asking if I could meet with him that Sunday morning. I had no clue what he would need to talk to me about. My bishop said my call had been assigned on July 1st, 2014 and I had checked the mail everyday that week and it wasn’t there.  

I went in to meet with President Carmack at 9:00 am. After he delivered a message from the Quorum of the Seventy, he started reading from his iPad “Alexandria Mary Harrison, you are called to serve a two-transfer mission (3 months)….” My mind was racing. THREE MONTHS? What is going on?? I was supposed to have my call videotaped! This isn’t how I planned. My best friend isn’t here. My grandma made a Skype account just so I could tell her!  

He paused before he got to my destination in which I would labor. I was crying. So. Many. Emotions. “You will labor in the…. LANSING MICHIGAN MISSION.” I knew right then and there that was where I needed to be. I was once promised by Heavenly Father that I would have the opportunity to come into contact with individuals I knew when I was younger and that they would come to accept the gospel. I know this mission was truly inspired. ❤


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