Pre Mission Discouragement

Last week was my first week home from college. It was a hard transition, as I had been away for 15 months. I love my family and all, but it takes time to adjust to an environment you associated with in a while. I had just broken up with my first boyfriend and I was missing my best friend and roommate of nine months terribly.

I moped around and wasn’t productive for days in a row. My motivation for serving a mission started disappearing. Anxieties about returning to school after arose and finally, on Saturday morning (2 days ago), I was reading similar stories of what I was going through on a sister missionary Facebook group. I wasn’t the only one out there and that was so relieving to know!

As a multitasker, I had my Pinterest tab open, looking for cute and comfortable proselyting shoes and began having high school prom dress flashbacks. These are the two times every Mormon girl dreads. These and finding a swimsuit. Anyways, I was going through my missionary board on Pinterest which was filled with inspirational and General Conference quotes. I hadn’t pinned onto this board in over a month,  and was a bit taken back when I came across the picture above, and how powerfully it hit me.

I have been called of God to serve the people in Michigan as a missionary. I have been called to represent Him and His church, and to bring these people the truth of what makes me so happy and hopeful of life and what it’s all about. The boys, school, technologies- those can wait! This is an opportunity that I have been given. I was called to begin a certain day and to serve for a certain time. What can be more clear than that?

I had voiced my concerns in a recent status as well, and have received so much positive feedback and encouragement. I don’t want to single anyone out, but a good friend and Return Missionary responded, saying, “People are waiting to hear the gospel from Sister Harrison. Some people hear the gospel all the time, but it is when they have their special missionary come into their life is when they accept it! You will be that special missionary to people when Heavenly Father leads you to them!” I’d just like to thank that awesome man for that and let each of you sisters out there experiencing a similar thing to know YOU GOT THIS!


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