Court and Self Defense


Hi Family & Friends,

(Random news that everyone should know): President Monson posted his first tweet on Friday, September 26th, 2014.

Monday evening, my companion and I went door knocking. It was beautiful outside. It’s been pretty warm here- between 70 and 80 degrees!

One lady we spoke to asked us if we believed that God and Jesus Christ were separate beings. I don’t think she had a prior knowledge of our church, but did believe in that principle and was curious if a church shared a similar belief. She was in a rush though to make dinner, and left us to continue down the path.

We finished that street, most answers being “I’m Catholic” or “Christian Reform”, and as we turned on the next street, I saw a man a ways down, kneeling at his mailbox, struggling to anchor it onto it’s post. I walked towards him and motioned my companion to follow suite.

“Do you need any help?” I called out as I approached the man. “Oh, um, sure.” He sounded surprised, yet grateful. I was thrilled, because most people deny our offers of service either because we’re wearing skirts or we’re just strangers. I handed Sister Roberts my bag an knelt next to him. “What do I do?” I asked with a smile on my face. He handed me a wrench and I asked his name.

I found out he had work off from his job as a flight attendant. “Nice to meet you! My name is Sister Harrison and I’m on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!” “Isn’t your church against gays?” There was sorrow in his voice. I shook my head and said, “God loves all his children.” His face brightened. “I went to Salt Lake once! I couldn’t go into you guy’s church, but boy it was beautiful!” I explained that was our temple where baptized members can attend, but that we have church buildings worldwide that welcome anyone. I told him about and he was psyched about that and said he’ll check it out when he got inside. I’m glad I met him and was able to plant that seed. 🙂

Tuesday we were supposed to go to court which was an hour away to take care of some business from the car accident. The guy in charge of mission vehicles couldn’t give us a ton of information on the phone for what we were supposed to do because his boss from Salt Lake City was sitting in his office. He called us back though an hour later and said we could take care of it online. Too bad, because Sister Roberts and I had a whole plan about teaching the people at the jail. Oh well.

Methodists are the most open minded people we door knock. Sister Roberts said that denomination of Christianity is about thinking for yourself. Preach My Gospel (our teaching handbook) says that is the religion that Joseph Smith most identified with before the Restoration.

Art Prize started Wednesday in downtown Grand Rapids. You could Google it, but I think it’s a huge art festival and my companion and I are going check it out on P-Day Monday. I rode the bus which wasn’t terrible. I have the easiest time talking with high school students and college freshman that go to school in the city. That night was crazy because we didn’t make it to our dinner appointment. The Sister brought us frozen pizza though which was nice, but we had to meet her at the end of the street because a semi truck flipped over and knocked down all these power lines, so the road was blocked off. When we got home, we were about to put it in the oven, and our power went out. Sister Roberts and I had Chex Mix and canned vegetables for dinner and watched “Finding Faith in Christ” on our portable DVD player. We also had to go to bed early.

Thursday we got to go to self defense class with the Elders! One of our less active members signed us up. The instructors were talking about a framed picture of the “grandmaster” who trained Chuck Norris. The guy teaching our class acted like the Tae Kwon Do guy from Napoleon Dynamite. I couldn’t take it seriously and was just laughing the whole time. He even said “BREAK THE WRISTS AND WALK AWAY.”

Friday I was sore and couldn’t even lift up the milk gallon to pour it on my granola.

Saturday, Sister Roberts and I attended a funeral of one of our investigators. He he passed away the day I arrived in the field. I led the music and my companion said the closing prayer. I think it meant a lot to his mom because there weren’t many people there.

Week 3 has been concluded, and I pray for strength as I begin the fourth one. I enjoy all your comments and emails. I can’t reply to the comments, but they mean a lot. I hope you are all well.

Love, Sister Harrison


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