A Thursday Holiday


Dear Family and Friends,

Another week has come and gone, and of course it’s never boring in the Mitten. After shopping Monday, we received a surprise text that we had a dinner appointment at a beloved family’s home. With 3 energetic boys all under the age of five. Sister Roberts and I acted out the story of Nephi going to get the Plates from Laban. I had a blast. The infant covered in spaghetti was King Laban and the oldest was Nephi and the middle boy played Sam. (Sam doesn’t do much, so that was perfect.)

Tuesday, we visited a retirement home which is located in a old Nunnery. It is huge in there, consisting of five buildings, all attached by ramps for walkers and automatic wheelchairs. We were visiting a member there in the afternoon, and she ended up talking to us for 2 hours and insisted we stay for dinner down in the stained glass dinning room. As she led us down there, she announced to everyone that we saw that we were missionaries from her church and basically did our job for us! 🙂 The girl took our order and we had a lot of mashed foods, as most of the residents don’t have teeth, and talked to many pleasant friends. We had also received transfer calls that morning, and I will be staying where I’m at and finishing my training with Sister Roberts!

Correlation was humorous as always. People always get so off topic. Correlation is something we do on Tuesday evenings where we meet with the ward full time missionaries and ward missionaries and mission leaders. Sister Roberts tried introducing an agenda idea so we could stay more on topic. That was an epic fail. We found out what our ward mission plan was though, so that was good!

Wednesday we drove to Holland for District Meeting but had to give the car to the elders after for our car rotation and I hoped that bus week wouldn’t be as stressful as last time. Thankfully we only have to do it every three weeks, but it’s still a hassle. Our Zone Leaders surprised us by showing up, and we talked about humility and diligence. Then we did an A-Z scripture chain of Christ’s Attributes. It was awesome! Afterward, we all went to IHOP for lunch and that was my first time. It was a blast. We were all in a booth and I unconsciously sat next to all the elders and my Zone Leader congratulated me on mixing it up. Then the Elders were teasing me after the waitress took my order and asked if I wanted 2 or 4 slices of bacon. “Go big or go home,” I replied. They got a kick out of that.

We rode the bus after that, trying to teach a lesson and find a new investigator. We met a girl who is studying at Grand Valley State University and is minoring in religious studies but does not have a religion of her own. Her mom passed away when she was 10, so we taught the Plan of Salvation and gave her a pamphlet. We also ran into an older, less active lady we sometimes visit on the bus and she whips out this box of Little Caesar’s pizza with two slices left and hands it to us. We didn’t have to worry about dinner that night. 🙂

Thursday we had plans to go out with a member for the day and visit a variety of people, less actives, investigators, and possibly door knocking if we had time. The member picked us up, and we made it through our first appointment, however, as we were about to get back into the car, the member started having severe chest pains. Their breathing became short and the member told us of some other things they had and to not let them go to sleep because they may not wake up. We wanted to take the person home, but we’re not authorized to drive their car, so we had to call our Elders. They arrived right away and began making calls for permission. It didn’t work out, so they ended up picking up the spouse of the member we were with, (after they gave our friend a blessing), and brought the spouse back to pick up the member and their car.

Sister Roberts and I then had to find a ride home and made our way to the bus stop. We were in a rough part of town and the bus schedule we needed to see was smeared with something disgusting. It was great. On the bus, I tried talking to a young nun, trying to spread the “sisterly love”, but she was quite discussed with our religious affiliation so that was fun. We made it home in time to be picked up for our dinner appointment on the other side of town. Our ride forgot us. We called and reminded her, making our way to a feast filled table and were pleasantly welcomed by the Elders that would be accompanying us. Turns out they had almost gotten into a car accident on the way to dinner. We began eating and I accidentally broke my wine glass filled with water. The day was just getting better.

Friday we went door knocking in a neighborhood about 15 minutes of a walk from our humble abode. We met a young man named Brad and his baby. His wife is going to medical school. He stated that they weren’t religious, but he likes the Mormon religion. He had a friend who was LDS when he lived in Arizona. “There’s a lot of negativity out there, but that’s only because they don’t understand,” he said. We invited their family to our Ward Harvest Festival. Another lady we met in that neighborhood knew about Hill Cumorrah… it was crazy!

We went to a ward missionary’s home for dinner. He made wet burritos. They were AMAZING. His mother (about 86 years old, and hasn’t been active for 20 years until I made her come to church last week) told Sister Roberts and I that “when the alarm clock goes off, you need to get the *heck* out of bed!” This humorous profanity was a tangent after our lesson on being a child of God. I lost it and Sister Roberts had to say the closing prayer because I just laugh too much.

I’M ALMOST DONE! Saturday, Sister Roberts and I went to the Adult Session of Stake Conference. It was my first one. *beams proudly* Apparently, they had invited the youth, and though it was homecoming weekend, a few did show up! Elder Teh of the Seventy was our guest, and I enjoyed listening to him so much. He was super funny and pretty young for a General Authority! I always love visiting with the other missionaries in our stake, and learning about the people their teaching, while also sharing funny stories. Stake Conference was a great opportunity to do so. That sessions theme was “Hastening the Work of Salvation.” Here are some references:

To conclude the week, Sunday was great. We attended Stake Conference with the rest of the stake, and heard a lot of testimonies. Elder Teh quoted Elder Oaks in saying that the priesthood is like an umbrella. The men just hold it, but everyone is protected. He also said that when women fulfill their callings which are extended by priesthood holders, they are using priesthood. I’m not sure if my wording makes sense, but I thought it was neat nonetheless. We ended the day with dinner at the Bishop’s home with the Elders. We’ve been working on challenging each family to a mission plan, as we explain social and spiritual conversion.

That was my week in a nutshell (I know, it was a lot). I hope everyone is well and staying out of trouble. I love hearing from you, but can only do so via email, so if you want that, you can message my mom 🙂 Have a good one.

Love, Sister Harrison


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