Hi Family & Friends,

Monday we went to the library for most of the day because we didn’t have a car. I emailed my mom back and forth because she was online, and that was fun. Then got an über cool package from my mom when I got home! I really miss her.

I’m thinking to extend my mission. My mother said it perfectly when she advised, “Why fix something that’s not broken?” Since I’m the first two-transfer missionary that my Mission President has had, we both want me to stay in Michigan. I’m getting comfortable with the areas and people, however, the mission department may say otherwise, so I guess we’ll see! I know Heavenly Father will send me where He needs me to be!

We had dinner with the Elders at a ward member’s house Monday evening and we talked some more about our missionary/member referral plan. Sister Sugiyama  does this fun thing where she takes a picture of a companionship and texts it to the parents.

Tuesday was an eventful bus day. We were at Central Station waiting to transfer buses when a college student named Barbie approached us and started asking who we were. She’s attending a local, Catholic college but does not affiliate with a particular denomination. She knows a little about the Mormon church because her adopted mom used to be a member of our church. She was familiar with the Church’s Addiction Recovery Program which was pretty neat. We boarded the bus, and a few college students followed us, including Barbie. One by one, they all eventually gathered around us as we told the story of Samuel the Lamanite on the wall. A lady who later claimed to be Christian Reformed was the only one who looked a little frightened after we had said the word “Mormon,” but as we continued to teach and share, I could see her glancing up from her tablet every few seconds to watch the crowd and listen.

Later that day, we were on our way to visit a less active man at the church, who I invited to come there and work on his genealogy. We were back at Central Station, walking towards our bus stop, and I saw a couple holding hands in the distance, walking toward our direction, dressed in gothic/modern steampunk clothing. There’s nothing wrong with that, just that it drew my attention. I didn’t want to stare, so I smiled and waved. They looked shocked that a curly head blonde in a skirt and a named tag with the words JESUS CHRIST would be waving at them The man nodded with a grin.

As we approached our stop, there were all these people in line, all very much in their own world. This mom approached the area, her hands full with a baby and preteen, and her toddler was running all over the place. I started talking to the little girl with coarse, brown curls and a pink coat, getting her to give me a high five. When she got bored with us, she walking down the line of stern, diverse adults, forcing each person to give her a high five as well. They all smiled, a few chuckled, and I had realized that the innocence and sweetness of a small child of God had brought some sunshine to a worried, angry, or sad day.

As we got seated, I heard some yelling outside the bus and looked out the window to see the couple dressed in their black cloaks and eyeliner that I had seen minutes before being harassed because of their apparel. Trying to escape, the couple boarded our bus, and the man was trying to brush it off. They sat about five rows over. I noticed the woman’s shoes and leaned over all five rows and began a conversation with them, complimenting the girl on her combat boots. I told her I loved combat boots but wasn’t allowed to bring them on my mission. We all laughed. I proceeded to explain that we were Mormon missionaries, and let me tell you, heads turned. They accepted two cards with delight before Sister Roberts and I got off at our stop. I knew that experience was important because everyone is a child of God, and if they got anything from that experience, it was to feel Christ’s love for them- something I don’t think they’ve experienced in a long time.

Wednesday we got the car back and did a lot of door knocking. We met a young, Christian Reformed couple that was interested in the timeline of the Book of Mormon.

Thursday (the day catastrophe usually happens), one of our GPS’s broke while we were driving through the projects. We made it to a member’s home in time for dinner (coincidentally), and she gave us food while we printed off directions to a referral’s home.

Friday, we went with a member to visit less actives. No one was home. The Sister that took us brought us back to her home because she was persistent on fixing a tear in my companion’s skirt. While she was back in her sewing room, Sister Roberts walked around in a towel. She does not do things like that, so that was entertaining for me. For dinner, we were teaching this family about ITL’s (Invitations to Learn). There’s a certain number of ITL’s each missionary has to complete a week. Our mission’s standard is 50. I made a giant post- it note, outlining a card and gave the family of 4 each. For the 5 year old, I attached a Halloween sucker and encouraged her to invite some friends to Primary. We did a door knocking role play and the little girl bore her testimony about eternal families and how she was going to see her baby sister who went to Heaven again. After the dinner appointment, Sister R. and I went to the church to help set up for the Ward Harvest Festival.

Saturday we helped a less active family pack. They’re moving to Chile. We also helped a lady who is starting to come back to church organize her freezer. The Elder’s helped screen her patio. The Ward Harvest was fun. None of our investigators showed up, but we were able to mingle with the ward members and their families.

Sunday, Elder Gregory gave a talk on preparing for the temple. It was very organized and well done. He’s a great teacher. One of our investigators came to church and three less actives! 🙂

I’ll fill you all in about today’s P Day next week and hope everyone’s week goes great! Love you all!

Sister Alex Harrison ❤


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