The Bus Ride


Hello again!

This week has been a blast! Monday we emailed family and friends and I had to fill out an evaluation to extend my mission. So did my companion. And my Sister Training Leader. And my district leader. That’s alright though. Following that event, Sister Roberts and I decided to restock our fridge and experience Aldi’s! We then joined the Elders for dinner at a favorite member’s home and for Family Home Evening. Taco soup and Apple Crisp was on the menu! We get a lot of Apple Crisp out here, but I’m not complaining! 🙂

Tuesday after morning studies, a member took Sister Roberts and I out to Olive Garden. It was delicious and her less active sister joined us. She is a sweetheart. I got a lot of compliments that day as I mentioned I would be leaving the area in a few weeks. Some said they wanted to adopt me and others said I sincerely had a huge impact on their families lives. I was greatly humbled and grateful. One of the lady’s we visit said that I reminded her of herself at that age- wild and all over the place, with a great sense of fashion. “I didn’t care what people thought, as long as I wasn’t hurting anybody,” she shared with her sweet, southern accent. I thought those were greats words of wisdom.

Afterward, we drove for a while to visit a less active who hasn’t been to church in over 30 years. She’s quite elderly and when I arrived to the mission, I simply invited her to come sit with us on Sunday and she accepted. Her son (a ward missionary) was shocked. I love her so much. We talked to her about eternal marriage because her husband wasn’t a member. Her son said he’s working on getting his father’s temple work done. We went to dinner at a place near some Christian Universities and the church and it was delicious! We received a call from a Relief Society teacher asking us if we would teach on President Joseph Fielding Smith: Proclaiming the Gospel to the World.

Correlation was neat. We have a new ward mission leader and I was very impressed how we still stayed on topic but also had fun. We even ended early and were able to finally get a picture of everyone! He asked us after our report of investigators and less actives how we were doing on meals and I jokingly called him and several of the ward missionaries out for not having us over for dinner, so they all sign up then and there. It was awesome. We have also been authorized by our President that we can have District P Days! We are with the Holland missionaries and I was excited to possibly go to Dutch Village (Ministers get in for free), but it’s closed in October! 😦

Wednesday we had District Meeting and then went out to lunch with a member and his nonmember wife. They took us to Arnie’s, a Grand Rapids born restaurant. After the meal, they give you a delicious cupcake of your choice for FREE! We closed the night with “Legacy.”

Thursday we had apartment inspections. Sister Roberts was stressed and I was making jokes. She said it felt like waiting for a first date. We had classical music playing in the background and our apartment looked so fake. It was hilarious. They said we passed and gave us a new vacuum and apples… We also went to the library to see if they needed any help with anything. They were shocked that anyone would do anything so nice. We helped cut out leaves for their thankful trees. It was a great service experience 🙂 Dinner again with the Elders at one of our ward missionary’s homes. He makes some mean wet burritos.

Friday the bus was 30 minutes late. When we boarded, it wasn’t too full, but we sat in the back and this woman was asking us about being saved. Then this cheery older man got on, and Sister Roberts was asking him about his relationship with God. The bus driver sternly told us we didn’t need to talk about that on the bus. We silenced immediately, the man looked sad, and turned back around. I sat there for a few minutes, disappointed and not sure what to do. Before I knew it, I was singing “Praise to the Man” loud and proud. Sister Roberts joined in. When we finished all the verses, I felt a burning sensation within me so strong like I was going to burst. Finally I called out, “EXCUSE ME MA’AM! I HAVE A QUESTION!” I was shaking, but I knew I couldn’t remain silent any longer. Some more people had boarded the bus and I was wondering “What if the gospel is what they need to hear today?” The bus driver pulled over. “We’re getting kicked off the bus,” I thought to myself. We were in a very rough part of the city. I yelled out again. “I don’t mean to be disrespectful ma’am, but why can’t we share the good news that Christ is living and on the Earth today?” Sister Roberts whispered, “You go my little fireball.” The bus driver responded, pointing to a sign. “NO SOLICITING ON THE BUS.” I took a deep breath and proceeded. ‘We’re not selling anything. Just proclaiming to the world that HE IS RISEN and we can COME UNTO HIM.” My face felt hot and my heart was pounding. 8 heads turned around to face me, smiles spreading their faces. “YOU TELL ‘EM SISTER!” One lady called out. People nodded in agreement and got up from their seats to sit near us. The bus driver couldn’t do much about the situation, so she drove to the next stop where we were to get off. Sister Roberts was handing out pass-along card and sharing short principles to the flock that was around her. That evening we watched “Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration.” It was a good night.

Saturday was less eventful. We visited some less actives with a member because we have a new mission rule where we can’t use our car on Saturdays. We didn’t even have the car this week, but the bus doesn’t come to our stop on Saturdays (of course.) Our new ward mission leader and his wife had us over for dinner that evening and that was a fun time getting to know them and their chubby baby girl.

Sunday we had ward council. As we were waiting outside the bishop’s office, a random man I’ve never met before walks up to us and starts playing hymns on the harmonica. That was a good start to the day. I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting about Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. I felt a little frazzled, but I received many compliments so that was nice 🙂 We made a guest appearance in the 14 year old Sunday School class. We talked about where we should go for questions and the process of doing so. When the teacher turned the time over to us, I asked the youth if they had any questions that were in the back of their mind. They did and we were able to have a good discussion about it. Third hour was Relief Society, (which we taught), and had the room roaring with laughter most of the hour. Many sisters came up to us afterward, thanking us for a great lesson. One sister said, “I haven’t heard this group laugh that much in a long time.” If anything, hopefully we were able to lighten their burdens for a few minutes, letting them feel the Spirit and forget about everything else on their plate.

We had a crazy fun dinner that evening which lasted four hours with two families in the ward, some friends, the Elders, 3 dogs, 2 parrots, and a cat. We played some games and had some amazing lasagna.

That concludes my week! I hope all of yours went well and I am praying for each of you! God bless.

Love, Sister Harrison


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