Hello everyone! It’s Sister Harrison and before I begin this letter, let me just say that the west side of the state does not pave it’s roads as well as the east side does.

Anyways, Monday I got a cute letter from the Activity Day girls back home. One of the questions was “How many houses have you been to?” I said 550. Tuesday we attempted to visit less actives with the Relief Society President. Not many people were home. The Elders were on trade offs with the District Leader and we had dinner and coorelation with them. Wednesday, we had District meeting in Holland. Still waiting for more information on my extension. We also visited a member’s home for a little bit. She’s an art professor and has a lot of sick art and rooms in her house. We enjoyed having her show us around.

Thursday we woke up and it was like a White Christmas. It’s snowed a foot. When we went doorknocking that evening, we came up to this house and this lady refused to open the glass door, so I just walked up to the door and was yelling about joy as the glass fogged up. I could see Sister Robert’s reflection and she looked like she was going to bust out laughing any moment. The lady on the other side of the door looked scared, so we continued on our way. Another man we met said that Brigham Young sends people to Spectrum Hospital (a huge hospital out here) and I told him Brigham Young was dead. Little did I know he was talking about the university.

Friday we visited Devin just to check up on him. He said the Book of Mormon had sparked up a lot of conversation with family and friends. But I think he’s kinda doing his own thing. Saturday, our Zone Leaders came to “blitz” our area. They said we’re great teachers, but we don’t have many investigators (or people in our teaching pool), so they came and doorknocked for 5 hours. They came back at the end of the day with two potentials and we had gone out for an hour after volunteering at the library, and found a whole family that are now investigating! The grandma is a Daughter of Mercy (it’s right below a nun). We talked to them for like 20 minutes in their home!

Sunday was amazing. It was the Primary Program and after, we went to my self proclaimed adopted family’s home for a pot roast dinner. We hung out afterward by the fire after sharing a message and it felt like Christmas.

I hope all of your weeks went well and I’ll talk to you soon!

Love, Sister Harrison


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