My Mission Call


Good evening my good looking friends and family! (And others who may be reading this post)

Monday was my first Mission Conference! General Authority Elder Nash of the Seventy was supposed to be our guest of honor, but he couldn’t make it, so to fill time, Sister Roberts and I were asked to do a teaching demonstration from the APs (Assistants to the President). Apparently Sisters don’t usually do teaching demonstrations, but the word has gotten around that we’re “great teachers!” I think we did a pretty good job if I do say so myself 😉 Sister Roberts accompanied two musical numbers and did GREAT! (for only having a 4 day notice and not being able to practice with anyone). Random leaders were coming up to me and telling me that they’ve heard a lot about me and that President is trying really hard to keep me in the Michigan Lansing Mission. (MLM= “Best Mission in the World”) I was flattered, however, I felt kind of weird because I didn’t know these people but they knew me…

We had a great lunch of meatballs (a variety of flavors), and funeral potatoes (a Mormon favorite). A lot of the Sisters had salad and wouldn’t eat brownies… Let’s just say I’m really glad Sister R is my companion because we like brownies. That’s all there is to it. Plus they had chocolate chips in them. The conference went from 8:30 to 4:30 (not including pictures afterwards), and following we went to a favorite family’s home for dinner and taught their little boys how to pray using sandwiches. (Bread= opening + closing, meat= what you need, cheese= what you’re thankful for). They loved it!

Tuesday we had planned to go to Holland for District P-day and see the lighthouse on Lake Michigan, but it snowed really bad and we didn’t want to risk driving in that, so we just went to the church house and emailed. We met some other Elders there and played Frisbee. I ordered Jimmy Johns, something I was really excited to do because I’ve never done it before. They weren’t ‘speedy fast’, but it was also blizzarding outside. After Pday ended (which is 6 pm), we went and got our flu shots. We checked our mail on the way home and THERE WAS A WHITE ENVELOPE FROM THE OFFICE OF THE FIRST PRESIDENCY. We drive to our apartment, unpack groceries, record miles for the day, and I was like, “COME ON!!” We finally got the camera ready and opened my mission call on my mission. Talk about crazy. So I started reading it and it tells me I’m staying! I got to call my parents and tell them (a pretty brief conversation), and that was fun 🙂 I’m going home for three days to go through the temple and get some other stuff ready. I am blessed beyond belief ❤

Wednesday Sister Roberts got the flu. She slept almost all day and I had to find stuff to do (you can only watch “The Restoration” so many times). We got a phone ‘upgrade’ (it was the same phone style), and had to go get the information transferred and send the old one to the mission office. We also visited a less active and saw the Elders next door. That was the highlight of our day.

Thursday morning we were supposed to teach Seminary, but they had a snow day. 😦 We drove to Grand Valley State University and met with an investigator we’ve been trying to get in contact with for two months! I finished teaching her the things on her teaching record (she had been taught previously by other missionaries), and it went awesome!! It was weird being on a college campus… We ate lunch there and that was kind of fun 🙂

My tooth chipped during weekly planning while I was eating a frozen chocolate bar. Yay. We had dinner at a less active member’s place, which was a very humbling experience. She made this yummy butternut squash with pumpkin that tasted like pumpkin pie 🙂 We had planned to visit a less active in her complex afterwards, but she wanted us to run the leftovers to friend’s apartment up the street. There we got two new investigators.

When we made our way back to the less active’s retirement complex that we had planned to visit, she was asleep. I walked back into the foyer with my head held low (dramatic emphasis) because all of her friends were in the lobby for coffee hour. “Was she not home?” One lady called out. “No,” I sighed heavily. “I just really wanted to share our message with someone.” “Well you can share it with us!” they yelled out. I glanced at Sister Roberts and grinned. She shook her head in amazement. We shared a scripture with 15 people. That number would help us with the Key Indicators that we needed for that week. (We had a hard time until then because of Mission Conference, Pday, and Sister R being sick). “Share another!” A man with a walker shouted out. We ended up getting 4 new investigators from that experience and they invited us back 🙂 It’s interesting how some things don’t work out, but they lead you to other things even bigger and better than you could have ever planned.

Friday was a bit similar to Thursday in the sense that we drove to three less active’s homes and work and none of them were there! We decided to visit our new investigator- the one who is a Daughter of Mercy. We spoke about the Plan of Salvation. She new about the Spirit World (which was amazing!) She asked the Church’s stance on lesbians and gays because her daughter and son are both LGBT. I explained that God doesn’t like the sin but loves all of His children and she agreed. 🙂 We then made our way to the ex-convent Retirement home and visited a less active we had never met before. She was a little rough to begin with, but I was determined to get into her apartment, so I offered to help her with her shoelaces (she couldn’t get them back in the holes). She opened up about her family and that she’s the mother in law to the creator of Vampire Academy. She also has a sick doll collection.

We joined a member who lives at the same building for a light dinner and she was great. She’s older and southern. She asked if I was a ‘daddy’s girl’, and before I had a chance to respond, she said, “Yes you is. A daddy’s girl is sure of herself and kind to everyone.” We found the Christmas station in our car! We’re pretty limited though to what we’re allowed to listen to, but ‘Believe’ by Josh Groban is a favorite. 🙂 We went to another dinner appointment at an awesome member family’s home and the Elders were there! They have 4 kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 parrots. It’s always an adventure 🙂

Saturday, we went to the birthday party of one of our less actives. We helped her friends (our new investigators) make the food and prepare the gifts. We played Mexican Train and then we went to a member’s house for 4 hours and played games with their kids and had an awesome waffle dinner.

Sunday was ward conference and our investigator from Thursday came! 🙂 That evening we had a dinner appointment with our new Ward Mission Leader and his assistant and the Elders, but we had a little time to door knock. It was pouring rain, but the fourth house we knocked on, the woman invited us in her garage to talk. We found out that her partner was raised LDS. This was the first lesbian couple I had come into contact with, so I talked to her about and Building Bridges. She thanked us twice for stopping by, and invited us to come by any time so we could meet her partner. She wants to learn more and I was so thankful for her kindness.
I hope you all have a wonderful week! We are on the last week of the Transfer, so I will keep you all updated!
Love, Sister Harrison


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