Where are we going?


Sorry I’m behind on the blog! Monday morning we spent emailing at the library. This was followed by a ‘Sisters Pday’ spent in Holland. We made edible Pilgrim Hats and toffee truffles. At the end of our Pday, we were making our way out of the apartment complex when a neighbor told us our tire was flat. We walked out and it looked like someone had slashed it! We were able to catch one of the older neighbors, as he attempted to change our tire. I was cold, so I went into the lobby with Sister Brockbank to wait. When we came out 10 minutes later the neighbor was gone and Sister Roberts and Oveson looked like they’d seen a ghost. “Did you get it changed?” I asked. They said that a man had approached them out of no where, asked if they needed help, took the neighbor’s place, picked up the car and changed the tire in a minute, disappearing in the opposite direction in which he came without giving his name.

The next three hours were spent in Belle Tire. We had a Panera Dinner and our District Leader and his companion visited us for 10 minutes to save us from Wheel of Fortune. When we went to go pay, the man that had filled all 4 tires with pressure, rotated them, and fixed the slashed tire said “No charge.” It was definitely a night of miracles. Then Sister Roberts got her hair cut, and I was able to talk about missionary work with the stylist, which was a very positive experience. She had never heard of the Book of Mormon before!

Tuesday we went to GVSU and sneaked into the dorms so we could FINALLY contact this referral. She’s been EXTREMELY hard to get a hold of. We met her roommate and left our number. Then we drove 118 miles to contact a media referral (from Mormon.org) just to find out she doesn’t live there anymore. It was a lot of driving, but we were able to see some of our area that we’ve never been to before!

Wednesday we went to District Meeting. We learned about inviting people to be baptized and I brought up some divisive points. We joined another District for lunch, and that was a good time. 🙂 Sister Roberts and I rode the bus home and went to a member’s home for dinner. (It was pancakes and sausage!) 🙂

Thursday- HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We spent the day at a part member/recent convert’s home. We listened to a lot of Celtic music and helped prepare the feast The Elders joined us later in the day and we played games and read to their little girls.

Friday was supposed to be transfer calls and we never got called! We stood around the phone until 2 pm and finally called President Jacobson. He said we were both staying in the area, but told us to called the Assistants to the President. They expanded on travel plans for me to go home for three days to visit my family and go through the temple. Sister Roberts would hang out and serve with our Sister Training Leaders for a few days.

Saturday we did our weekly service at the library and organized books. We tried to go visit our new investigator Bertha but she was trying to take a nap.

Sunday was sad because we found out Elder Gregory was getting transferred. The Grand Rapids missionaries were able to skip out on the Fifth Sunday combined lesson and talk with us and say our goodbyes before they would have to go somewhere else to serve. I’ve mastered homemade kettle corn and Sister Roberts and I made homemade applesauce just because.

I hope everyone had a great week! Remember to share #HeIsTheGift https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzjFEMmM0Xs 🙂


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