Hello Everyone!

Today was Pday! 🙂 We went window shopping at the outdoor mall. We also finished our Christmas shopping for the missionaries we serve with! I heard some songs from what Sister Roberts would call my “past life” and it was so hard not to just start jammin’ out and singing. I kinda danced around as RAC was blasting on the speakers. Then we had a spontaneous dinner with the Elders at a less active’s home who told us he has schizophrenia. He was super funny and told the story of Jonah but replaced Galilee with Compton California. It was so intense and Elder Clark was basically crying he was laughing so hard. We came home after and wrapped presents. 🙂

TUESDAY we packed a lunch and went on our way to visit a less active older lady that I’ve been working on to get back to church. Her son is a ward missionary and they’re both super great. We also met a less active who and she’s only a year older than Sister Roberts and has a lot in common with her, so we’re going to try to get her to start coming back to church. We had a humorous experience door knocking. One lady answered the door and just looked at us. “I don’t really want to talk to you two.” And then said “Merry Christmas.” It was rude, yet oddly polite.

Then we went to an emergency Correlation meeting with the ward missionaries without our leaders there because they’ve been out of town and busy with work. We got a lot done so that was good.

WEDNEDSAY we went to contact two referrals that were in our Area Book that we thought were never contacted. Apparently they had been contacted, it just wasn’t recorded, so that was awkward. We also visited this older artist in our ward. She lives in this Victorian mansion that she rents out to people. Her an her Hungarian husband have one rule: You can’t bring your boyfriend/girlfriend back to the house. I thought that was pretty awesome. Her husband said he was a devoted Catholic that will never change which I was chill with, but then he ended up talking to us for two hours and now wants us to come over for dinner… Hm.

That evening we ended up driving through downtown Grand Rapids- where the buildings tower over you and people are bustling to get home from work. “The Nutcracker” was showing that evening and men were in long coats and scarves- one with a bouquet in hand, and women in glittery gowns. The huge hospital down there was decked in Christmas lights and everything was glimmering and shining. I wanted to jump out of the car and be a part of everything. Sister Roberts, even in appreciation, turned to me and said “I can see why you like big cities.” I just grinned. I was in my element.

THURSDAY we had weekly planning and tried to go see Julie and Tiffany (see “My Mission Call” blog post) but they weren’t home :/ We went to the church for a Relief Society Christmas party. That was my first RS party because I never went to the ones in college. It was neat. We did an activity where we wrote something we want to give to Christ this year and put it in a box and someone read them aloud at the end of the activity. Some of the sisters said they wanted to introduce their friends to the missionaries and Sister Roberts and I high fived. Everyone got a kick out of that.

FRIDAY was interviews with the President and District Meeting with our zone. Sister Roberts and I are the only sisters in the zone. I love it! I have so much fun and get along with the Elders really well. 🙂 While people were waiting for their turn to be interviewed, we all hung out with Sister Jacobson, the President’s wife, and watched Meet the Mormons on replay. Then we all went to The Golden Corral. It was my first time and it was super good! I even got cotton candy! 🙂

SATURDAY we went door knocking for a while sharing “He’s the Gift”. We got a huge stack of them at District Meeting, so we were trying to share the abundance. We can’t use the car on Saturdays so a member came out with us. She loves spending time with the missionaries and she took us out to Applebee’s after 🙂 I got a card from some friends back home and that was neat. 🙂 My mom also send me a super cool package with “The 12 Days of Christmas”, with their spiritual thoughts and homemade ornaments we can put on our tree. ❤

SUNDAY was super good. We blasted out to EFY music on the way to Ward Council. Ward Council was sweet too! The missionaries basically took over. We went to dinner with the Elders at a member’s home and it was really fun! They got a new bird! (They now have 3 birds, 3 dogs, and two cats.) These people would give their right arm for anyone. They invited another man from our congregation and his non member girlfriend, so that was neat. 🙂

Well, I hope you all have a great week, and if you’re religious- remember the reason for the season. 🙂

Love, Sister Alex Harrison ❤


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