‘Tis the Season


Merry Christmas Everyone,

This week went by sooo fast! MONDAY was tiresome. We libraried for a while. We were at Burlington Coat Factory for a while. Sister Roberts sent her Utahn family a Christmas package full of State sports wear because Utah’s only sport teams are college ones and anything involving the Holy War. Anyways, I was introduced to Hobby Lobby which is an amped up version of Michael’s craft store. That was intense. Then we had dinner with the Elders at a member’s home. We had a Grand Rapids original recipe- a wet burrito. It was scrumptious. I had found out at church that a missionary that’s serving near me doesn’t get a lot of letters from home. He’s a convert of a year and a half and super awesome. I asked my mom and five other people to write anonymous letters. They accepted and we recently found out that word got out and many people had committed to writing him. He has also received care packages. His companion said it made him cry! He was so grateful!

TUESDAY I went to Wyoming (in Michigan) for Trade Offs. Trade Offs is an opportunity for you to switch companions of the same gender for 24 hours. It gives you an chance to learn from other people and to be evaluated by your leaders. It was better than I had expected it to be! I saw a fresh shot buck, taught a biker that is the lead security guy at a motorcycle club, and yelled at a lady through her front door. “WE’RE HEAR TO SHARE A MESSAGE ABOUT THE BOOK OF MORMON!” That’s what you get when you don’t open the door. You’re still gonna hear the message. Then I got frustrated when this other lady was telling me the Book of Mormon was false. I was getting really intense and just pulled out one of the “He is the Gift” pass along cards. “Do you celebrate Christmas?” I said. “Of course,” she replied. “Awesome! We found something in common!” I handed the card in her direction and invited her to watch the 3 minute video clip. She said she would. *Satan is the spirit of contention. Satan is the spirit of contention.. Christ is the Prince of Peace….*

WEDNESDAY we went to District Meeting in Holland. Our District Leader and his companion are struggling with getting less active members to church. “Tell them God expects them to be there,” I suggested. They chuckled and said, “I’m sure you have success Sister H because you just lay it down.” And then I got a fist pump. I GOT A CHRISTMAS CARD FROM THE PROPHET. We had Hungarian paprika for dinner with the devoted Catholic man and his member wife. He said in Hungary, the parents put hay in the living room near the tree and the little children sleep there on Christmas Eve. We also visited Bertha on Wednesday, It’s hard to use a lot of resources because she’s newly blind, but I leave the pamphlets for her daughter to read to her. We taught the Restoration and she had some really good questions- especially about infant baptism. I got kind of intense and kept explaining over and over that Jesus wasn’t baptized as a baby nor sprinkled with water and she said “There’s a lot of things Jesus did that we don’t do.” *face palm* But she said she’d pray about the things we had taught her and wants us to come back. Then we took our recently widowed neighbor some popcorn and a card. She’s really good to us. 🙂

THURSDAY we went with some less actives and the Elders to a Chinese buffet. I felt bad because I can’t eat a lot. Elder Wilson ate octopus. Then we went to deliver Christmas presents with a member and met some of her non Mormon friends. She made us breakfast for dinner and bought us a lot of chocolate.

FRIDAY. The best part about this season as missionaries (other than bringing people unto Christ) is LEFTOVERS. After a day of weekly planning (it’s a 2 hour process and we were a day behind), we attended the Grand Valley Ward Christmas party. There we saw Santa, had a ham dinner, got to know a few more families better, received some cards from the primary children (including a portrait of Sister Roberts and I). It was a great success, and like I said- we came home with a great dinner leftovers! 🙂

SATURDAY morning I made green bean casserole. Now I can add homemaker to my wife resume. Lol. We did four hours of service at the library, came home to a ham dinner (round two), and got ready for the Sabbath!

SUNDAY we gave out our Christmas presents. The entire sacrament service was musical numbers other than one talk about the Christmas Carol. The Relief Society bought all four missionaries stocking STUFFED with things. (Including reindeer antlers). 🙂 We had dinner at a family’s house from our congregation. They’re from Zimbabwe. Both parents are professors and their daughter is the same age as one of our investigators!

Remember the reason for the season and have a great time enjoying time with family, good food, and exchanging gifts. Love you all!

❤ Sister Harrison


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