Joy to the World


Hello Family and Friends,

MONDAY was weird. We didn’t really have much planned for Pday other than to email so we just drove around. We went to dinner at the Bishop’s house which was hilarious just because I was so done at the end of the day and kept making commentary when the new Elder was introducing himself. I was making his companion and Sister Roberts crack up and that just riled me up even more. Poor Elder Wilson- we sure give him a hard time for being the new guy. Don’t worry though- I’m not too mean. I compliment him on how well he dresses, so that’s nice of me.

TUESDAY we went a little early to the half mission Christmas training/party because Sister Roberts was accompanying the Grand Rapids Zone Elder’s Choir. I got roped into leading. We all met in the gym for training by our APs, and Elder Gregory sat next to me! He used to serve in our area. Now he’s in Holt, which is where I used to live! After lunch from Jimmy Johns, we played Minute to Win It games and built gingerbread houses. There were a lot of musical numbers and a humorous Nativity scene that the President and his wife participated in. The day was concluded with an awesome dinner appointment with pizza that had shredded carrots on it!

WEDNESDAY- Happy Christmas Eve! It was rainy outside and kinda depressing :/ We had pizza with the Relief Society president for lunch, and then we went to another member’s home for a nice, low key dinner- Queso dip and yummy finger foods 🙂

THURSDAY was a Merry Christmas! We got to call home!! I called my family right when I got out of bed! They had just opened the package I sent them! It was a good talk! Then Sister Roberts and I handed out “He is the Gift” cards to our entire apartment complex and enjoyed breakfast casseroles for brunch at a member’s home. We then went to an open house at a member’s home who has a giant spread every year. There were some people from the ward there that we played games with and talked to and the Elders showed up at the end.

FRIDAY we did weekly planning and got our car fixed. We also read each others journal entries and laughed about crazy experiences we had together months ago.

SATURDAY we did service at the library and met a member who recently moved here from Arizona. He was on the phone and telling the other person that he was sitting across from missionaries. My eyes widened and I looked at Sister R and back to the guy and was like, “You know who we are?!” Then we had dinner at a member’s house with the Elders and played Bible trivia and Sister Roberts was doing all the work.

SUNDAY we went to church and had a grand ol’ time. I talked to a fellow Comm major missionary and got in my zone about Twitter and Klout scores. We had an awesome dinner with the Elders at a family’s house and all tried on his Jedi robes. 🙂

I hope everyone had a great week and a Merry Christmas!

Love you all!
Sister Harrison


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