It’s Twenty Fifteen!


Dear Family and Friends, MONDAY was a Preparation day. Sister Roberts and I emailed friends and family and went to Olive Garden for lunch! We went to the church house and some Elders were playing basketball. We chatted with them briefly and then went to a dinner appointment. TUESDAY we raked leaves in the snow. It was thrilling. We enjoyed a feast with the Elders (they were on trade offs again, so we were accompanied by our District Leader Elder Marley). We had received a referral from Elders Brown and Bloskas from the Grand Rapids ward, so Sister Roberts called him after dinner and I committed him to be baptized. He said yes! We set a date- February 27th, and guess what? HE’S 99 YEARS OLD!!! WEDNESDAY we had District Meeting and our Zone Leaders came. I have the most horrendous cold this week. 😦 Elder Clark gave me a blessing, so that was nice of them. Bertha (our investigator that we were supposed to put on date) didn’t answer the door. We also called and she didn’t answer. :/ We don’t have any miles left, but we’re getting new ones and more money on our cards tomorrow!! We had a fun New Year’s Eve with the Elders at the Mupepi’s home. They had white grape sparkling cider. After we returned to our apartment Sister Roberts and I tried to stay up til midnight, but we were out by 11. THURSDAY we went to a open house at a member’s house who is in our ward. They live in this home with 17 rooms. They had a few different football bowls going on, and Sister Roberts, Elders Clark and Wilson, and I all played ping pong and pool and hung out with the member’s they invited. There was a lot of good food too! Sister Roberts and I took a break in between and went door knocking in a blizzard! FRIDAY we went to Arnie’s (a Grand Rapids local restaurant) for lunch with a member and his wife who is Methodist. They really like Sister Roberts and I. We also went to the Post Office so I could send something to a friend, and the GPS took us somewhere where there wasn’t a building in sight, so we went to the next closest one and while waiting in line, a man named Reggie started talking to Sister Roberts and asking if we were the Mormon missionaries. He had lived in Salt Lake City and the Elders used to visit him when his was Jehovah Witness. He asked when our services started! 🙂 SATURDAY we volunteered at the library and had a movie night with our investigator Anna and her friend at a member’s house. (Sister Rosema 🙂 ) We watch the full Restoration movie (55 minutes) and had popcorn. 🙂 I think it went great! Sister Rosema bore her testimony and shared her conversion story. I also bore my testimony and Anna’s friend Meghan said she wanted to take the discussions from us! SUNDAY was church and because of the new year, our church started at 11:30 instead of 9:00 because we share a building with the Grand Rapids ward. It was an interesting day. Sister Roberts is really stressed about transfer calls this upcoming Friday. We had dinner at the Bishop’s home that evening with the Elders. 🙂 They’re great. I hope everyone has a great new year and starts it off right! Love, Sister Harrison


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