Hi Family & Friends,

MONDAY we had Pday at the Pirate Museum (my idea) with our District! That meant Elders Clark, Wilson, Marley, and Weyland. That evening, Sister Roberts and I had dinner at a member’s home and had Loco Moco (hamburger, egg, rice, and brown gravy) and Pani Popo (rolls with coconut milk) for dessert. They lived in Hawaii for a while.

TUESDAY we visited our 98 year old friend Orren with a member. She’s also older and has a hard time remembering things, so watching those two go back and forth was quite the experience. I was so impressed with myself for keeping it together. She took us to a Dutch restaurant after and that was cool. Sister Roberts and I dropped the member off and drove all over trying to contact less actives. A lot pretend they are not home even though they OBVIOUSLY are. Then we updated some records in our Area Book and did some Family History with the Elders in the evening because the youth were doing planning for their activity and we can’t really help with that.

WEDNESDAY we had our last District Meeting of the transfer in Holland. I had Panda Express for the first time for District lunch, so that was fun! We had a spontaneous lesson with Bertha. Things got a little heated… Sister Roberts said she was so close to stepping in. We talked about Priesthood Keys: “Where do your Priests get their authority Bertha?” “From a university they go to.” “So it’s from man, not God.” “Sister Harrison lays it down session” -Sister Roberts. She also asked why we don’t say the Lord’s Prayer which was a good question. I explained that it’s repetitive and told her that your relationship with God should not be a rote thing but like talking to someone close to her.

THURSDAY the temperature went down to one degree. Sister Roberts and I went to the ex-nunnery retirement community, and the 3 people we were there to visit were not home! As we started heading out, I heard a colorful expression of frustration from around the corner. A lady had dropped half of her groceries that were balancing on her walker. We helped her pick up her things and tied the bags on the walker. She was super grateful. Then we started to drive to see some less actives a ways out when I saw a girl carrying some bags and on crutches- on the iced sidewalk! I told Sister R to pull over and I got out of the car and walked towards her. I asked if she would like a ride and she said a sketchy guy had just offered her a ride and she declined. I told her we were missionaries and her face lit up. “Oh praise the Lord!” she exclaimed. I took her bags and Sister R put her crutches is the trunk and we took our new friend Britney to her work. She said she knew some Elder from the Latter-Day Saints that she worked with in the past. I gave her a Mormon.org and card with our number and told her to call if she needed anything. She texted us later thanking us for our help. Potential investigator? I think yes! 🙂 Sister R and I were already on the road, so she discovered Hungry Howies for lunch and I don’t think she’ll ever be the same. She got Loaded Baked Potato flavored cheesy pizza. I tried some and it was SO GOOD!

FRIDAY morning was rough. I couldn’t sleep the night before because I was so anxious for transfer calls. I attempted to do personal study and then got so mad and gave up on reading the Ensign so I went back to my bed and laid there until the phone rang. After an eternity of 15 minutes later, I heard our familiar ringtone followed by our voice activated caller ID. It was the Mission Office and President was on the line. I rushed to the living room where Sister Roberts was diligently reading her scriptures. President Jacobson asked if the Siamese Twins were ready to be separated. We said yes. “Sister Harrison, you are staying in Grand Valley and getting a new missionary to train!” “Are you kidding me?!” “Yes!” “Seriously?!” “No! You’ll do great!” There you go folks. I’m training! Sister Roberts is opening Sturgis area for the sisters and training a new missionary as well! Sister Roberts and I are going to be in Lansing tracting on the MSU campus for the next few days and will pick up our greenies on Thursday! Then we got some Olive Garden take out and did some small shopping and weekly planning at the church! We ended the day with a bang at the Pierce’s for dinner with the Elders. The Pierce’s love missionaries because Sister Pierce is a recent convert. 🙂 We had Mexican food and looked at each other pictures. To make the day even better, Elder Gregory called us from Holt! He congratulated me on becoming trainer and we talked for just like old times 🙂

SATURDAY we woke up and cleaned the whole apartment from top to bottom. We also went to our great friend Sister Rosema’s house for a ham dinner and story time. Man, she’s so good to us.

SUNDAY was Sister Robert’s last Sunday in the Grand Valley Ward. She’s been here for 7 months and a lot of less active members she’s taught showed up to church, so that was nice! We had dinner with the Elders at the Baxter’s house. They’re so fun! 🙂 They made Minestrone and we played hard core ping pong. 😀

Well, that was my week and I hope you all had a smooth transition back to work and school! Love you all and have a great week!

❤ Sister Harrison



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  1. Congratulations ! I’m glad things are going so well.


  2. Congrats On becoming a trainer so fast! And I believe Elder Weyland is from my hometown.


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