Spiritual Handbag


HELLO EVERYONE! This week has been the longest and busiest week of my life!! MONDAY Sister Roberts and I went to the church’s Family History center and emailed there until the transfer van came to pick the missionaries up. Sister Roberts and I were there to say goodbye to people and we would be the second group leaving in the evening, so during the day we went to the Frederik Meijer Gardens and took a ton of pictures 🙂 It had been on our bucket list for the longest time and we did it as our last Pday in Grand Rapids together ❤ We finally boarded the van around 6ish and made a stop in Kalamazoo and Battlecreek. When we finally got to Lansing, I found out that the complex we were staying in until Thursday when we picked up the new missionaries to train (Thursday) was where an old friend lived. Sister Roberts came with me to say hello and we ended up chatting for about an hour. I was glad we had an opportunity to do that and I know it was needed. ❤ TUESDAY we stopped by the mission office to get some supplies and look at the pictures of the new missionaries coming in. We also stopped by the MSU Community Music School where I used to take piano 12 years ago! We had Chinese food on campus and then tried to find the bookstore. We were just supposed to try to talk to people all over today and most of the trainers were on campus, so we went to some more uncommon places. A guy ended up walking us to this off campus sketch bookstore, but he was super nice! His dad is Mormon and lives in Washington! We had ice cream at the MSU Dairy (pistachio shake all the way), and got some radio freebies that we jammed out to with the workers. 😀 WEDNESDAY Sister Steele and I made French toast for breakfast. There were 7 girls in the apartment for 3 days. :O Sister Roberts and I just walked all over campus and I saw a few people I graduated high school with. It was sooo weird! I talked to a few of them 🙂 Then we went to the campus’ Natural History Museum which is really small but free and checked out the evaluation exhibit there. We also went off campus to check out some boutiques and introduced Sister Roberts to coney dogs. After all of this, we met Sister Cornea and Steele (also trainers) for ice cream (again) and tried to find this girl they met the day before to give her a Book of Mormon. THURSDAY we went to the Stake Center for trainer training. President asked us what we liked best about our trainers. When he got to me and Sister Roberts, he was like “Who trained who?” Then we lined up with the greenies and we opened up our piece of paper that told us who they were and we ran to them and hugged them. My new companion’s name is Sister Daker and she’s from Rancho Cucamonga (Southern California). She’s been at BYU though for the past 3 years studying Biochemistry. Her favorite color is black like mine! And, she likes to cook! After the transfer bus ride home, she unpacked and then we went to a member’s home for dinner. FRIDAY I was getting really stressed because I couldn’t figure out the training (12 week program) packet. Sister Daker said I’m great though and just too hard on myself. I’m learning to appreciate silence because she’s more on the quiet side. She’s so great with the members though! We did Weekly Planning and a little grocery shopping. Before bed I was like, “I’m glad we’re companions,” and she was like, “Me too.” 🙂 SATURDAY we did some service at the library and also went doorknocking with one of the young women and Sister Rosema and then went an saw some less actives. We got a free crockpot out of the visit, so that was great! We went to dinner with the Elders at a member’s home and the husband who is the driest Mormon I have ever met (comes to church and has a calling but not baptized) PRAYED! SUNDAY we went to church and taught the 14-18 year olds for Sunday school. That went well 🙂 We showed them the Lion King clip (“You have forgotten who you are”) and the Princess Diaries clip (“You’re a Princess- Shut Up!”) and talked about how we can share the message that we’re all children of God to our friends. We also did some role playing and I think they enjoyed that. After and awesome lesson in Relief Society about prayer and our “Spiritual Handbag”, we went doorknocking for a bit and shared a message about a modern day prophet. We ended the Sabbath with an awesome dinner with the Wheeler’s at one of my favorite family’s home. I hope you all have a great week and remember- “If life gets too hard to stand, kneel.” Love, Sister Harrison ❤


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