Hello family and friends!


Hello family and friends! I hope you’re all having a decent week! As far as missionary work in Grand Rapids, this is what went down.

MONDAY Sister Daker and I went to the library and I balled my eyes out cuz I was chatting via email with a close friend who recently went home from the mission and Sister Roberts, AND my mom.

I introduced Sister Daker to ALDI’S (super cheap, German based grocery store) and she enjoyed that. Then we went to dinner at the Stewart’s (her sister, AKA my bff Sister Rosema made an appearance along with Brother and Sister Back), and we all had breakfast for dinner. They are family to me. 🙂

TUESDAY we started the training booklet and it went well. We visited the Villa Maria to see a less active and a very active member so Sister Daker could get to know some ward members. Then we went to a Chinese Buffet with another less active member. She looks so unhappy because she doesn’t come to church, and I don’t know what to do because she has her agency. We had planned to visit an older lady a little ways out of town and couldn’t find some neighborhoods to doorknock, so we just went to her house early because she is usually home watching TV on volume 1000. She really liked Sister Daker and said she looked familiar and she thought she knew her in the Spirit World. She’s another one we struggle with to get to church because she’s not super mobile and she feels like it’s an inconvenience. :/

We door knocked for 2 hours after that, and actually ran into a lady that works at the library that we volunteer and email at! We were getting in our car and she was driving and got out and asked us if how everything was going. 🙂 I thought that was really neat. I had pizza rolls for dinner and we watched the funniest moments from “The District.” We went and did Family History at the church in the evening and visited with some of the youth that were there for Young Women’s/Young Men’s .

WEDNESDAY was so great! We had District Meeting in Grand Rapids and went to Denny’s for lunch! We taught Bertha and Sister Daker invited her to be baptized and she dropped us. It was unfortunate and frustrating, but we found out that her daughter has been reading the pamphlets we’ve been leaving behind, so we’re going to stop by and ask her if she has any questions, wants to learn more and give her a Book of Mormon. After Bertha, we went door knocking. We were asking people “If all Christians believe in the Bible and in the same God, why are there so many different denominations?” Our follow up was “Do you think God put us here to figure it out for ourselves?” (Prophets, Book of Mormon… etc.) It led to some great discussions, and a lot of people said most churches are founded on bits and pieces of God’s word and the rest to fit their own agenda. We found a pretty solid potential. Her name is Lizzie and we think she’s about 14, but she’s going out of town so we gave her our number and hopefully she’ll call! She’s interested in modern day prophets. 🙂

We went to a member’s house for dinner who recently started coming back to church, and after stopped by her neighbor’s who is hard core less active. She’s like 70, and was naked, so we told her we’d come back later.

THURSDAY we taught Anna in the morning. She’s been taught everything for the past 6 months, she just hasn’t decided on a baptismal date. We went over the baptismal interview questions with her to keep it on her mind. She’s a college student and is dating a member who’s serving a mission in Spain. Then we went and visited the naked lady from the night before and that was an adventure. She said she got baptized when she was single and 20, but when she got married to her husband, she need to go to church with him .”When you make a commitment like marriage, you can’t break it by going to your own church.” I replied, “When you make a commitment to God at baptism to take upon His name, you are expected to keep it and you have broken that covenant by refusing to come to church.” She didn’t like that very much so we left and went to Subway. Why Subway? Well Subway was were we dropped off the girl on crutches (see previous posts) to work. We went to see if she was there and she was! She was polite, but didn’t initiate much conversation, so we grabbed lunch and left :/

We then went door knocking for 2 1/2 hours, and only 6 people answered. We then visited a less actives and shared some Mormon Messages on her movie theatre TV (she really like them), and then headed off to dinner with the Elders! It was a great appointment with a couple who recently started coming back to church. They also invited one of our Ward Missionaries and her dry Mormon husband. The Elders shared the Restoration and asked everyone to bear their testimony of it. The spirit was strong.

FRIDAY we went to a dinner appointment where the mom is a recent convert and her husband is also a dry Mormon. He’s a truck driver named Bull and really big with an epic beard. I shared 2 Nephi 26:24 for the lesson and asked their little girls what the nicest thing they did for their siblings was. The oldest (10), said that she sometimes tells her youngest sisters stories. The most animated girl and next oldest (7) piped up. “Except for you let us DIE at the end!!” and scowled. Sister Daker lost it. After I got my bearings, I asked, “And what’s the nicest thing Christ has done for us?” The seven year old bluntly answered, “Died.” Man, did I walk into that one.

SATURDAY we did service at the library and a member picked us up to take us to visit a former investigator, we were also checking up on a college guy Sister R and I had door knocked into 3 months ago and never saw after that, and visit another former investigator. The first two said they would be interested in taking the lessons. The last no longer lived there. The college guy invited us in and we taught the Restoration. He said he truly wanted a relationship with God and he asked us how it makes us feel when people don’t want to get baptized to hear about the truth? That was a neat opportunity and I was amazed with Sister Daker’s testimony. She’s very prepared and a great teacher. Sister Rosema brought by dinner after we got home and we talked for a while. She is truly a bosom friend.

SUNDAY was amazing. This guy that has been struggling for a while (he’s a recent convert of one year and has been super less active) passed the sacrament! My heart was just so full as he passed it to our row. Bull sang in the ward choir and was so great. We had a lesson with Meghan in the evening. Her RM boyfriend was also there and we taught her the Restoration. She thanked us for coming so hopefully we can teach her again.

That was my week and I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to serve! I’m grateful for the work I have to do and have had door knocking adrenaline lately! 🙂 Please pray for Anna that she will approach the invitation to be baptized and know for sure that this church is true. Love you all!

❤ Sister Alex Harrison


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