The Hardest Work I’ve Ever Loved to Do


Hello everyone!

It’s been a busy week full of hard work! We knocked on over 200 doors, and got TONS of snow! I really enjoy training Sister Daker! I’m learning so much from her.

MONDAY we went to lunch at Panera because Sister Daker is also an addict. Window shopping followed and I ended up buying myself a watch that actually works and it came with some cute bracelets- all in my favorite colors! (Black and gold!) 🙂 We had an emergency visit to a recent convert’s home. (I was freaking out because it was in a rough area of town). She recently moved into the ward from down south. It was a good visit. I think we were able to help her with thinking positively and going to Heavenly Father in pray for anything.
We did a quick grocery stop and ended with dinner at a member’s home.

TUESDAY was so intense. While we were training, Sister Daker was getting frustrated because we were learning about working with the ward mission leader and our ward mission leader isn’t super available because he’s doing his doctor residency. He’s a nice guy, but we also need more female ward missionaries to help us out, so we’ve scheduled to meet with the bishop and talk to him soon. After training, we drove out a ways to visit some less active members and check up on a referral, and all of them fell through :/ We ended up visiting a member out in that area, who’s a retired art professor and super rad.

On our way to our dinner appointment, we stopped at Arnie’s Bakery in downtown Grand Rapids because I saw a sign for buy one get one free custard coffee cake and I couldn’t pass that up! As we were waiting to cross the street, I saw a guy waiting at the bus stop and I started talking to him. His name is Maurice and he started laughing when I asked him if he wanted to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I don’t think I’d fit into that church,” he chuckled. “Why not?” I bluntly asked. “There’s a place in God’s church for everyone! We’re all His children!” He kinda looked up and asked if we had a card. Sister Daker just grinned and handed him one. “Look at all that diversity!” I pointed to the people on the card. He said he’d check out the website. Then we crossed the street and got our coffee cake then went to a dinner appointment where I had Shepard’s Pie for the first time. It was good! 🙂 We met the Elders at the church and played games with the youth for the rest of the night.

WEDNESAY we had District Meeting in Holland. The leader from the Church’s Proselytizing Department (sounds like something from Harry Potter), wants us to say “We’re YOUR missionaries” instead of “we’re THE missionaries,” which felt a little different at first, but we’re getting better 🙂

Two of our investigators fell through so we went door knocking for three hours! A tiny, toothless dog chase me and tried to eat my foot. We had dinner with a member who forgot they signed up, haha. We didn’t mind- we should’ve called to check up, but that’s the first time it’s happened. They had kids for us to play with while they made dinner though, so that was good. 🙂 We visited a few less actives and the Elders met up with us to give one of them a blessing and she told us some funny stories from her mission in her old, southern accent 🙂

THURSDAY both our rides fell through 😦 We were short on miles because it’s the end of the week, so that was a bit hard. We spent an hour calling everyone in the ward directory and finally someone said they could take us out the next day. We ended up watching this car safety video that Sister Daker had to watch because she’s the only one with a license and she’s from Southern California where there is not 15 inches of snow. We had a super awesome dinner appointment with some members and the Elders! I hadn’t been to this family’s home before. He’s a Psych Professor who served his mission in New York City and his wife is a Art History Major who served in France. They’re so rad. 🙂

FRIDAY we finished training early for the week! Sister Daker asked if she could watch “The District” in bed, and I was just like “Sure, why not? There’s nothing in the white handbook that says you can’t watch “The District” in bed.”

This sweet member picked us up and we contacted 1 out of three referrals, and guess what? The third one let us in!! Samantha is a self referral from and she wants a church that focuses on family and she can raise her kids in 🙂 She didn’t really know a lot about our church, so we just discussed the basics and some of the Articles of Faith and then got a return appointment 🙂 We also stopped by a sweet member who hasn’t been able to come to church recently and that was very inspired. Her husband was stuck in the shower though because we came over right when he was going to come out, lol. Then the member who gave us a ride bought us some Subway for lunch and then took us home. 🙂

We had a few miles to drive to Bill’s (former investigator we picked up last week) and taught him the Restoration in the cold for 45 minutes. I described that missionary work was like a friend wanting to share some yummy orange juice with his friend. Sister Daker told Bill there were over 88,000 missionaries serving in the world. “That’s a lot of orange juice!” he said! I thought that was sweet. ❤ We also picked up 2 investigators that Sister Roberts and I had door knocked into over 4 months ago! We ended the day with dinner at a member’s home and the Elders accompanied us. The dad made homemade orange cinnamon rolls just for me! 😀 I called Sister Roberts when we got home just to say hi and catch up. She’s the top dog down there in Sturgis and is having a lot of success. I’m happy for her.

SATURDAY was long. We did service at the library and went to a baby shower and helped out there. It was my first one! We ended the day with a surprise pizza party with the Elders.

SUNDAY church was cancelled. We were also snowed in which was hard for me. But at the end of the day, I felt inspired to go give Deloris (Bertha’s daughter) a Book of Mormon, and she’s only down the street so it wasn’t too bad of a drive. We helped out Fernando the Pizza guy out of a ditch on the way there. Deloris was just leaving when we got to her house, but we plan to stop by in a week. Those 20 minutes made my day. 🙂

I hope you all have a great week and if you haven’t watch any of the Bible Videos that the church has put out, do! They are so great! My personal favorite is “The witness of John the Beloved.”

Love, Sister Harrison ❤


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