Preach My Gospel


Hi Friends and Family, MONDAY we couldn’t leave our apartment until 12 but I didn’t know that, so we walked to the library in the bitter cold just to find out that the library wasn’t going to open until 12. :/ Then we trekked back to our apartment and lunched while we watched the rest of our movie collection (Mr. Kruger’s Christmas). We had our lesson fall through with Samantha, so we went to the Post Office and crashed at a library nearby. We did an Aldi’s trip and walked around Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a good amount of time and discovered these super magnifying mirrors! They were SWEET!! We went home for dinner and visited a member which I really think she needed. TUESDAY we went to visit our friend, who’s Hungarian husband is Catholic. We helped them move some things. They have the cutest black Pomeranian. I also helped him with his iPad and they made us stew 🙂 We also picked up two new investigators! One of them is the sister of a ‘recent convert’ and the other is her friend! 🙂 After getting a return appointment with them, we went and taught Bill! Man, I love that guy! We focused on repentance and committed him to repent for not doing what we asked him to do last time we were there and he took it really well. Sister Daker made an analogy to a little kid stealing cookies from a cookie jar, related it to remorse and he says, “Well, it doesn’t count until you’re 8, so take all the cookies you want before you get baptized!” Oh man, he cracks me up. We made some yummy chicken stuff in the crock pot for dinner and went and visited the member that gave it to us several weeks ago. She’s still grieving the death of her son and husband and is pretty lonely. She gave us a bag of stuff she wanted us to take to the church for people to take if they wanted (church tapes, children’s sacrament books, etc.) There was a nice, miniature hymnbook inside that matched my scriptures! I had told her I always wanted one and she said I could have it and was so happy she could do something for someone else 🙂 WEDNESDAY we had to go to the church at 8 am because apparently the Zone Leaders were going to talk to our District about some things, but they were 45 minutes late so it was pretty rushed. We doubled with the Grand Rapids District and the Zone Leaders and all went to Smashburger. It was my first time and I got the BBQ, Bacon, and Cheddar chicken sandwich! We also taught China that afternoon. She’s a super awesome freshman from the south! Sister Roberts and I door knocked into her about 3 months ago. Her family is very supportive of her taking the lessons and she lives close by which is great 😀 We went to dinner at a member’s home, and our lesson with our new investigator Rakim fell through so we stayed and helped her with her Relief Society lesson and the Elders joined us along with her non member grandson who we gave a Book of Mormon to. THURSDAY we did weekly planning and visited some less actives. We also found ourselves at the Addiction Recovery Program at the church, so that was neat! FRIDAY was trade offs and that went super good! My Sister Training Leader was extremely complimentary and had heard the bus story, so that was fun. We taught Ian (Mom posted a picture on Facebook) who I taught last time I was on Trade Offs. He is the President of a biker gang and has a baptismal date which is awesome! I also had Nutella for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! SATURDAY we went door knocking with Sister Rosema and she took us out to lunch before visiting a member. I found myself doing self defense and tae kwon do! SUNDAY church was chaotic! We taught the 8 year old Primary class about Jesus as a child. There were only 3 of them, but oh man was that crazy! It was fun though and I fed them like, 3 cookies each 🙂 Both Anna and Meghan came to church today! (Meghan’s boyfriend was giving his mission homecoming talk). We are progressing with the Bishop and Assistant Ward Mission Leader, so that’s great! We stopped by Deloris’s house (Bertha’s daughter), and asked her if she had read the Book of Mormon yet. She said no, and she didn’t ever plan to convert, but she’d be willing to have a discussion. She was very nice about everything. Our dinner appointment cancelled because they were sick, but they brought lasagna over for with bread and dessert ❤ We watched some videos from the Church History DVD set before bed. I hope you all have a great week and remember, “Under the merciful plan of the Father, ALL IS POSSIBLE through the Atonement of the only begotten… Our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST .” -Dallin H. Oaks Love, Sister Harrison ❤


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