The Love of Christ


Happy belated Valentine’s Day Family and Friends,

MONDAY I had a dentist appointment and guess what? NO CAVITIES! We’ll see how long that lasts after Valentine’s Day…. Sister Daker and I made cookies and delivered them to some people. We also took some to the church house where the Elders were playing basketball and ELDER CLARK LEFT THEIR CAR UNLOCKED so we cleaned it out for them πŸ™‚ (And borrowed Elder Wilson’s CD case full of music). I’m hooked on music from the Rob Garner musical “The Lamb of God”, especially the song “Hosanna”. Elder Wilson had this in his mix, and we listened to it on repeat for the rest of the Pday until we had to give it back to him when we had dinner together.

Sister Daker and I treated ourselves to Olive Garden for lunch and as I was chomping on my garlic breadsticks, I got a call from a lady in the ward who struggles with self confidence and severe depression. I had given her a poem the day before I still had from when I was in Young Women and honestly forgot about it until she called me up in tears. “Thank you so much for the poem you gave me! I didn’t think anybody cared about me or noticed who I was!” I am grateful she enjoyed it.

We got a car wash and did some shopping and I got a long pencil skirt so that = SUCCESS! This day is pretty jumbled, but we also visited a less active who works at this barber shop in the city, but her customers LOVE when we visit! They always want to braid our hair.

TUESDAY we made quesadillas for lunch and watched ‘Legacy.’ Sister Daker and I went to check on 3 potentials and only one was home. She wasn’t interested, but talked to us for about 20 minutes about her journey to her current relationship with God. We visited two members as well that day and got to know them better. One of them has a friend that is interested in taking the lessons, so we’re super excited about that!

We went to dinner at a less active’s home and were her elves in delivering banana bread loaves to her non-member friends in the senior citizen complex.

That evening, we went with the Young Women to deliver cookies to the Grand Rapids Police Department and ended up getting a tour πŸ™‚ We saw the dispatch area, saw the shooting range, and my favorite- meeting the vices (undercover drug cops). I’m glad we were able to go!

WEDNESAY we did not have District Meeting as usual. We did our normal morning routine (studies and training), and went to go teach an investigator who we found out was apparently in jail but he’ll be out at the end of the month, so it’s all good.

We picked up a former investigator, so that was great! We also went to visit a less active and she said her 9 year old son wants to get baptized, so that was 2 in one day! πŸ™‚ Another less active we visited is engaged and wants to bring her fiancΓ© to church!!

We had dinner at the Stewarts that night (that’s Sister Rosema’s sister). She had emailed my mom and found out my favorite dessert! Chocolate cake with hot fudge on top! πŸ™‚ We were asking what made each of them happy during our spiritual thought and her daughter said “the sister missionaries” and Brother Stewart told her she was brown nosing and she said we were super heroes πŸ˜€

THURDSAY we went to visit a less active who REALLY likes Eeyore and kind of reflects the personality. But she’s been super happy the last few times we’ve visited her and this time she gave us Valentines! πŸ˜€

We went out to lunch with another less active and I asked her after a few moments of silence why she isn’t coming to church. She turned to Sister Daker and grinned. “This is why I love Sister Harrison. She cuts straight to the point.”

We taught Bill and invited him to be baptized (again). He said he’s scared. That was interesting, so we invited him to pray about it and we’re going to take a guy from our ward to his lesson on Tuesday. We did weekly planning after that and then went to a dinner appointment with the Elders where we had 3 DESSERTS! (Pecan bars, pineapple upside down cake, and banana bread.)

FRIDAY we went to go check up on some former investigators and they had all moved, but one of the new residents turned out to be a potential who said to come back in 6 months.
We then drove a ways to visit 3 less actives. We finished out the day with a dinner at Sister Rosema’s. She’s an unofficial ward missionary who helps us out a TON and is trying to get the ward more amped up about missionary work!

SATURDAY Sister Daker made a Valentine’s Day breakfast of coffee cake and cantaloupe and hash brown πŸ™‚ I helped cut the potatoes! We spent 8 hours GPSing the ward directory and categorizing them on lists based off where they lived. #WeDontLiveInUtahProbs

SUNDAY we woke up and (I didn’t know were weren’t supposed to) work out. I was doing a wall sit, and it lasted 2 seconds before I slipped and felt and hit my arm on Sister D’s desk. I thought that was a pretty funny story, so I told it when we went to our Zone Conference later that day. We had to leave church early (we were able to stay for sacrament meeting), and then headed off to a training with Elder Marcus B. Nash from the Quorum of the Seventy. They had a receiving line with him and his wife, President and Sister Jacobson, and the Assistants all lined up for handshakes and hugs from each of the missionaries. When I got to Elder Nash, he whispered “Your President and his wife talk mighty highly about you” and then his wife gave me a huge hug. I thought that was neat. πŸ™‚ Later on in the training, Elder Nash was asking us what it means to be bold. I raised my hand and said, “It means to be confident in what you’re saying and the desire to share with others God’s love.” I looked over at President Jacobson and he was grinning and winked at me. Elder Gregory and Sister Roberts were smiling as well. We had Subway for dinner and mingled with the other missionaries in the several zones that were there and took pictures. Elder Marley (my District Leader) was talking with Sister Roberts (my trainer) and I walked up and hugged her and he grinned. “It’s so good to see you too together again.” Sister Daker and I ended the evening watching “Mountain of the Lord.”

This week I’ve thought a lot about the love of our Savior Jesus Christ for each and every one of us. EVERY soul is precious in the sight of God, and I don’t usually think of His sacrifice like I do at Easter and Christmas. He loves us so much that He gave His life so that we could have everlasting life. ❀

Love, Sister Harrison


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