Don’t Hold Anything Back


MONDAY. Today was amazing! We cleaned and did laundry and personal and companion study. We went to the library and emailed and then we went to Logan’s Roadhouse (thanks Sister Daker’s mom) and got my hair done. That took a billion years, so we did a speedy Walmart stop and met Sister Rosema and one of the Young Women for 2 lessons. The first appointment was okay. He just asked a lot of deep questions that he had gotten from Wiki. The second lesson was with Rakim. Sister Roberts and I met Rakim back in September on the bus. At that time, he was having problems with his car. He said he thought we were angels, as we invited him to pray about his car, and said our ‘smiles were so big, [our] teeth were showin!’ When we met with him at the library, I introduced the Articles of Faith and he said he agreed with all of them! “I don’t understand why people don’t get that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are separate!” When we asked him to pray (after he said he’d read the Book of Mormon before we met with him in a week), he thanked God for his “new family.’ ❤ He’s about 6’4 with dreads. Later that evening Sister D and I made turkey spaghetti for dinner 🙂

TUESDAY we drove around A LOT. We’ve been trying to find less actives that have gone M.I.A. Bill shined us again and it was rough because we even got a member (Brother Linkfield, one of the ward missionaries) to meet us at his house. We had a backup to visit a less active, but of course she wasn’t home. Brother Linkfield was really sweet about it, and he understood. He’s a convert and the cutest old guy! I feel like if we could all see each other through the eyes of Ron Linkfield, the world would be a better place 🙂

We went to Subway for lunch (we had a buy one foot long, get one free), and it wasn’t as thrilling as I thought it would be. We did get in contact with two less actives. One was super excited we stopped by. She’s older and has had a lot of stokes, and not much contact with the church since she moved in with her daughter. She was trying to set me and Sister Daker up with her grandson’s because she said they “looked like Jesus.” The other less active we visited had a very thick African dialect and I got like, 2 words from the whole visit. But we shared scriptures about the Resurrection, and I think they both enjoyed those.

WEDNESDAY we were getting ready for District Meeting and I lost the phone. It was the WORST. We had to drive all the way out to Holland in a blizzard without anyway of communication. It was actually a good District Meeting. We learned about how to ask inspired questions. We Panda Expressed for lunch (I love their interior design- so contemporary!) and went back to the apartment to look for the phone. We spent over an hour, and nothin’! We taught a new investigator Jacob. He’s 9 and has autism. I compared the Great Apostasy to not doing your homework. I think he liked it.. We had dinner at the Mupepi’s with the Elders and she made some yummy, spicy beef fry with rice! 🙂

THURDAY we got our new phone and had to take it to the Sprint store to get it activated. That took 2 1/2 hours. We also went to lunch with a member and his non member wife at Arnie’s. This is a transfer tradition, and they’re both really great. 🙂 We had dinner again at the Bloomfield’s (he’s in the bishopric) with the Elders. Both him and his wife are great missionaries!

FRIDAY we did weekly planning and checked on a referral that doesn’t exist. We visited the Lockes- a less active and his nonmember wife I haven’t seen in FOREVER, and wanted Sister Daker to meet them. It was a decent lesson, and we ended the day with dinner at Sister Rosema’s. She made us tacos (which I was craving) and key lime pie!! 😀

SATURDAY we volunteered at the library and went to a super fun dinner appointment at the Stewarts with the Elders. It was my first time having pizza mac and cheese! It wasn’t too bad!

SUNDAY we went to Ward Council and it was very missionary oriented. I was impressed. All the talks in Sacrament meeting were about the importance of hymns, so that was fascinating. Sister Daker and I taught Sister Rosema’s class. We did a play: A Day in the Life of a Missionary. We incorporated the Plan of Salvation so they could teach it to their friends if they needed to. 🙂 I think they all really enjoyed it. We also helped Sister Rosema in primary (she was a guest that was talking about heros and she dressed up in her tae kwon do outfit), and Sister Daker held a board while she broke it. We do things differently in the Grand Valley Ward and I love it 🙂 Dinner with the Elders at the Bishop’s home followed after a super awesome linger longer (food and socializing).
I’ve been on my mission for 6 months! That’s a third of my mission! I’ve loved every part of it so far, and know I’m doing the best work there is to do. Love you all, and remember, “Don’t hold anything back!”

Love, Sister Harrison ❤


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