Fighting for the God of Israel


Hi Family and Friends,

MONDAY we were supposed to go bowling with the Elders, but they were too busy playing basketball. We were thinking about going to the Cider Mill as a backup, but like everything else around here, it’s closed on Mondays. We went grocery shopping which was honestly thrilling because I got BAGELS!! Following that, we went to the church to download some music we borrowed from Elder Wilson. We had a laundry fiasco that morning because I put too many things in the washer and it started leaking. We checked in on a less active and went to dinner with the Elders at the Pierces.

TUESDAY I had an awesome breakfast. Bagels with cream cheese, bacon, applesauce, and orange juice. We went door knocking and invited people to do a family home evening and most of them said yes! We visited a less active family who I’ve never met before. They’re going to start coming back to church. We also got stuck in the snow four times. A super kind guy with 10 piercings rescued us the last time. We continued our less active hunt and potential finding (with our 2 year old list) and ended the day visiting one of our ward missionaries and his less active mom. They are always a treat πŸ™‚ We also visited the Baxter family because we had some potential investigators that lived near them that weren’t home. The Baxters are GREAT πŸ˜€ They understand hot chocolate with whipped cream.

WEDNESDAY we had our first District Meeting under Elder Oldroyd. It was great! He talked to us about how to handle investigators who have been exposed to Anti Mormon material, since it’s so prevalent to our area. We went to a place called Taco Fiesta for lunch and I had tamales for the first time in a while. We visited a member who just had a cancer surgery and no one knew where she went. We did some more doorknocking and ended the day trying to make mashed potatoes.

THURSDAY we did weekly planning and visited some less actives and members in the ward that we didn’t know very well. We also had dinner with Elder Oldroyd and Elder Hess (our Zone Leader who was on trade offs). I had a migraine from 10 am til the time I fell asleep.

FRIDAY we visited MORE members we didn’t know who were kind enough to let us in their home. One couple is working on their mission papers and asked us questions about it. We taught our investigator Jacob who is 9 years old and has autism. It’s been hard to meet with him because he’s always sick. But Sister Daker taught him about baptism and the Holy Ghost and the importance of taking the sacrament. He was scared about being baptized because he didn’t want to get water in his eyes. He asked his mom if he could wear his goggles and snorkel when he got baptized. I showed him how they do baptism, and encouraged him to practice closing his eyes when he takes a shower. He thought it was pretty cool and I made him smile a few times. πŸ™‚

SATURDAY we finished calling through the ward directory and setting up appointment with less actives who have been MIA. Hopefully we can get them to come back to church. πŸ™‚ Then we did a lot of service at the library organizing magazines. We had dinner with the Elders at the Ison’s (the Relief Society president and her husband). Brother and Sister Ison are watching their 4 year old granddaughter for a time and she brought out her Barbies and were shoving them in the Elders faces and showing us all the poses they could do and I was DYING. I couldn’t make eye contact with anyone, but I was crying from laughing so hard. Then we went to the church to share a message with a less active who was tae kwon do sparring with Sister Rosema.

SUNDAY the theme in church was hope. Two of the speakers brought such a strong spirit to the room. One speaker shared the story of Korihor, the Anti Christ from the Book of Mormon, and it was fascinating to see the similarities of the wicked back then and the wicked today and how they’re not too different. We had blueberry pancakes at Sister Back’s and Sister Rosema invited herself over too so it was fun. πŸ™‚

This Christ’s church is the only true church and that’s all there is to it. No gospel could bring true joy like the one of Jesus Christ.

Love, Sister Harrison ❀


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