We Knocked On The Right Door


Hi Family and Friends,

MONDAY was Pday. We went to Bob Evans for lunch after emailing family and friends and then went to this hippie essential oils store after. When we got home from grocery shopping, these college guys were playing with poi balls and blasting Dubstep. I made friends with them and then we headed to go bowling with our Elders and the Elders in the Grand Rapids area. Then I accidently bowled when the medal thing came down to sweep the pins and my ball hit it and I went to go grab it and slipped and fell flat on my behind- my skirt came up and everything. HOW WAS I EVEN SUPPOSED TO KNOW THEY COAT THE LANE WITH OIL? When I got up, all 6 elders and Sister Daker were wide eyed, covering their mouths or just bursting out laughing. I didn’t mind, I thought it was funny but I’ve been paying for it all week. At least it wasn’t my head. Then we visited a less active I’ve never met who raises raccoons. Hopefully we can get her to come back to church. We watched the Emma Smith- My Story movie while we made dinner 🙂

TUESDAY we visited another less active for the first time and retaught her The Restoration. She wants to start coming back to church, so we’re psyched about that. We also visited a less active couple but they only speak Vietnamese so it was kind of awkward but I showed them a picture of Jesus so they would know who we were. Their daughter came downstairs and translated for us so that was nice 🙂

We went to help the Young Women at the church with indexing and met one of the new Spanish speaking elders- Elder Grover, so that was fun 🙂 We also found out that our Elder’s investigator Will was prepared for baptism! 😀 He asked me to pick out the hymns because he “likes the way [I] sing.” I thought that was so sweet!

WEDNEDAY we attended Zone Training at the Stake Center presented by our Zone Leaders (Elders Hess and Peterson), and our Sister Training Leaders (Sisters Jensen and Morrison). We learned about how to become consecrated. So, I’ve been working on that this week.

We visited a less active and his non member wife and I had to explain that they can’t pick and choose what commandments they want to obey. The wife said she couldn’t love her neighbor because they were all drug dealers. They’re kinda old.

THURSDAY we did weekly planning and caught up on some training. Then we went to Allendale to find less actives and potential invesiitigators. We went door knocking because it was so pretty outside and Sister Daker got into her first Bible bash!

We had a lesson with Anna and I think we came super prepared. She had some questions on Joseph Smith and eternal marriage and the temple, so hopefully the material and answers we presented were good for her. I told her though that the source of all truth was Heavenly Father and she shouldn’t take our word for it or her dad’s word, but His. She liked that answer. Following that lesson, we visited a less active who’s been living in Germany. Sister Daker and her daughter Liz really hit it off. We ended the day with dinner at Sister Rosema’s. 🙂
FRIDAY was crazy awesome! It was so warm, I didn’t even wear my jacket all day! We bought (thanks to our Assistant Ward Mission Leader) 48 cookies, 2 boxes of brownies, and two jugs of Hawaiian Punch for Will’s baptism Saturday! 🙂

We then went to check on a couple that the Sisters door knocked into about a year ago, but never followed up. They let us in and we taught the Restoration lesson along with some other things. Kevin and Regina were their names, and they were fighting over who could hold the Book of Mormon! 🙂 They are sooo awesome, and I invited them to be baptized on May 2nd, and they both said YES! We visited a few less actives after that and then went to an awesome dinner with the Elders at the Picklesimers 🙂 We had corn enchiladas and giant salted, dark chocolate cookies with ice cream. It was amazing!!

SATURDAY Sister Buckwalter dorve us to the Family History Discovery Day at the Stake Center. It was a big genealogical conference and there were a good number of nonmembers there 🙂 It went most of the day and then we had Will’s baptism! A lot of members we invited showed up, including Elder Clark so that was neat! 🙂 We ended the day with dinner at the Wheeler’s, and they made this succulent tropical ham with spices, sweet potatoes, and mango. Sister Daker and I did a lesson with David and Goliath and it ended in a marshmallow war that Elder Oldroyd and the 2 year old got really into.

SUNDAY we went to church and it’s usually pretty hectic because we have a billion people to talk to. But it was fun because we went to the Baxter’s for dinner with the Elders and it was an adventure as always. They are a great family 😀

We were invited by the bishop after to attend a Bishop-Youth fireside and talk a little bit about our lives, 100 years ago (because we’re so much older than them), and why we chose to go on a mission and bear our testimonies. I don’t know how much the youth could relate to my story, but hopefully it hit one of them. We had some yummy treats after (buffalo popcorn!!) and visited with the kids. They’re all really neat. 🙂

Well, that was my week and I hope you all had a decent one as well. Here’s a spiritual thought to get you through the week 🙂 ❤

“One day the Lord appeared to a faithful man and showed him a large boulder. He told the man, “I need you to push this boulder and we will move it to the top of this hill.” The man trusted the Lord and faithfully did as he was asked. But no matter how hard he pushed, the boulder would not move. Hours turned into days, days to weeks, and weeks to months and the man was out faithfully pushing with all his might to move the boulder but it had not moved at all. Finally, after a season, the Lord came back and the man said in discouragement, “Lord, I’ve pushed with all my might and the boulder hasn’t moved! You have promised me that you would never ask me to do something I couldn’t do.” The Lord smiled at him and said. “Has nothing happened? Look at yourself-you have changed. You are so much stronger than you were before. I asked you to push this boulder, and you have. Now I will move it to where I need it.”

Love, Sister Harrison


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