Hi Family and Friends,

MONDAY we went to the Vitamin Shoppe that just opened and looked at protein powder that we’d never buy. We also went to a pet store and saw a sea goblin. We had KFC at a member’s home which was yummy and she made some delicious cornbread with actually corn in it!

TUESDAY we were having lunch at our apartment when Sister Rosema brought her antisocial cat Bam Bam to our apartment in her carrier. I was making french fries and the smoke alarm went off and the cat jumped out and ran underneath our heater. It was super crazy. Later we went out to try and find some less actives.

WEDNESDAY we had District Meeting and Interviews with our mission president. While we waited for our interviews, we socialized with some other missionaries that were there. Sister Daker and I talked alot to the Elders from the Fremont Branch- Elders Todd and Nielsen. They’re super funny. The Back’s gave us and the Elders a ride home and Sister Cobb took us to lunch at the Golden Corral 🙂

The most awkward moment of the day was when we stopped by this one less active’s house. We’ve stopped by a few times before but it was always one of the daughters who answered saying that we should come back after a certain time because their mom wasn’t there, so we did. We introduced ourselves and she said now wasn’t a good time so we asked her if there would be a time that would be good for us to come back to share a message with her. She just stood there staring at us for what seemed like a whole minute without saying anything and I’m thinking, “Um… did she hear us? What is going on? This is super weird. Should I repeat the question?” Anyways she just starts speaking and saying that we could come back tomorrow but we were busy on Wednesday so we ask her if there is another time like next week or something and she wont give us a time and is being super weird about it so we are just like “okay bye”. It was really weird.

THURSDAY we did weekly planning and went to Brother Ramirez’s for lunch where he made us some homemade, really tender BBQ ribs. He was experimenting with his recipe on us. Following lunch, we visiting a new lady in the ward who is from the Philippines and her nonmember husband who has been coming to church with her! 😀 After that, we visited Samantha (the self mormon.org referral from 2 1/2 months ago), and we haven’t been able to get in contact with her. We did and she let us in! We told her we wanted to share with her God’s Plan of Happiness for us and the meaning of life. That made her boyfriend Brandon look up from what he was doing. He joined us in on the lesson, and they want us back! 🙂 We also visited a few members that we’re trying to get to know better. We had dinner with the Elders at the Sugiyama’s and had Frito Taco Salad. Yum!!

FRIDAY we visited Sister Lacic in the hospital. She’s the one who’s son and husband died 2 weeks apart. 😦 We also had a lesson with Kevin and Regina about the Plan of Salvation! They remembered everything we had taught them last time and actually took notes! We had brought them a picture of the prophet President Thomas S. Monson that we printed from the computer, and Kevin told us he was going to get a frame for it ❤ We were talking about where we came from, and Regina told us that her friend thinks we came from dirt, and Regina told her that we don’t grow when we get wet, so I thought that was pretty funny.

We visited Jacob and tried to talk about Jesus, but we don’t think he’s getting much from the lesson, so his mom was fine with us taking a break and maybe trying to teach him when he gets a little older. We then attended the Ward Game Night which had a smaller turnout, but for those who came, was really fun 🙂

SATURDAY Sister Daker and I attended the oratorio ‘The Lamb of God’, composed by Rob Gardner. We got a ride with the Patriarch and his wife, and drove to Kalamazoo, which was a neat opportunity to get to know them better 🙂 It’s all about the Atonement and last day of the life of Jesus Christ. My favorite song was “Lord is it I” sung by John, Thomas, and Peter, as well as “Hosanna” sung by the whole choir. The orchestra is amazing in that one! My favorite quote from the performance was by Peter, which said “If I shall leave Thee, where shall I go?” Afterward, there were some refreshments, and as Sister Daker and I were walking toward them, I saw a familiar figure out of the corner of my eye. It was my good friend Grampa Shwartz from Lansing! I hugged him for a whole minute straight and just started bawling because I was so happy to see someone I call family. We took a picture together and went our separate ways. We didn’t get far however, without being stopped by a former member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The man had played Judas Iscariot in the performance and knew the members that brought us. He talked to us about our mission and was fascinated by how close I was to home. Dinner at our Ward Mission Leader’s home.

SUNDAY was a great Sabbath Day! 🙂 This nonmember girl showed up who had heard about the church from someone she met on Facebook. She went to Young Women and everything! She told us after that she had learned more at our church than any church she’s been too 😀

The Primary donated some real posters to us for Kevin and Regina which I thought was so nice ❤ We closed the day with dinner at the Bishop’s home, accompanied by the Elders. There we learned about some training Bishop Richmond received from Elder Cook from the 12 Apostles and some other things which was actually pretty neat. I hope you all had a great week and I love each and every one of you!

❤ Sister Harrison

My spiritual thought this week is a brief, uplifting video- perfect for the Easter season:


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