Hi Family and Friends,

MONDAY was kind of a short Pday because we were going to be going to the temple Saturday and we had to switch the two. We visited this older lady (Sister Ramirez) who’s been coming to church a lot more recently! Sister Daker had to teach her the law of chastity for her training, so that was pretty funny.

We did Family Home Evening with a family in the ward, which was fun. The mom invited us to come back every week, so I’m excited to help them with that. We did a David and Goliath lesson with marshmallows. The 3 year old wanted to say the closing prayer, but had to go downstairs to get her play cash register because it had a microphone on it and she wanted to use it like the young men do when they bless the sacrament. I thought that was pretty great.

TUESDAY we had trade offs, and my Sister Training Leader Sister Morrison came to Grand Valley and we door knocked for 3 and a half hours. I got blisters on the bottom of my feet, but it was rewarding because we picked up a few investigators that Sister Daker and I will be following up with shortly. I’m excited because they’re close by and seem to have a lot of potential šŸ™‚ There was also a less active we visited who needed a blessing, and I told her we’d let the Elders know. I called them when we left, thinking they’d stop by sometime that week, but they were already on their way. I told Elder Wilson they were faster than Jimmy Johns, to which he responded, “Freaky fast blessings!” šŸ˜€ We also got a referral from a member after teaching them the Plan of Salvation pamphlet, which was huge!

WEDNESDAY we had district meeting which was really fun. We have a good variety of personalities in there. After District Lunch, we drove to a couple’s apartment (they just moved into our area), and they used to be the Elder’s investigators. We got a tour of their place and shared a message and setup a return appointment. šŸ™‚ We had dinner with a less active who invited her nonmember nurse and bore her testimony/shared her conversion story. We made a speedy quick stop at the home of a family in the ward who’s youth we’ve befriended and we had dinner, round two šŸ™‚ We ended the night with correlation with the Elders and our Ward Mission Leader.

THURSDAY we did weekly planning, genealogy, and had a delicious dinner with two families in the ward and the Elders.

FRIDAY we did a lot of training and took our friend and ward missionary Brother Ramirez to a lesson with Kevin and Regina. We focused a lot on Priesthood and Apostles. Marv (Bro. R) was a great addition. I’ve never had him come to any of our lessons before, but I sure learned a lot from him. We also visited a less active who recently returned from the hospital, and then made some ‘heart attack’ stuff from three families in the ward. A Sister in the ward then picked us up and we attended a Relief Society genealogy night with a dinner to follow. šŸ™‚ It was a smaller turnout, but we got to know some of the Sisters better, so that was nice.

SATURDAY we went to the temple with Brother and Sister Back and Sister Rosema! It was a blast! Sister Back packed us lunches and they took us to Cracker Barrel after. I haven’t been there in ages!! I saw a few members from my home ward working there and a few close friends, so that was a neat experience.

SUNDAY was church. I got pictures with a few people because transfer calls are this Friday, and I don’t know what’s going to happen. We won’t have church that following Sunday because of General Conference (for more info, check out https://www.lds.org/general-conference/?lang=eng), and if I move, it will be Monday or Tuesday, so I had to say ‘maybe’ goodbyes. We went to Sister Rosema’s after church because she taped the Women’s Broadcast (We were all exhausted after the drive to the temple on Saturday), and we could pause it and talk, so that was fun. She also made us breakfast for lunch, which is my favorite. Man, I’m gonna miss that girl.

To close, the following are lyrics from a song by David Osmond that I really like. I thought it would be perfect for Easter:

He lived two thousand years ago, I believe
So how could he truly know me?
Thought the son of God, my life, my friend
Still it’s hard for me to comprehend. And I wonder

How he could know the heartache I feel
when he lived a perfect life
From Gethsemane to Calvary, was it really for me that he died?
Then the Spirit whispers these words ringing true
From the garden to the cross, He walked a mile in my shoes.

Down on his knees in the garden that night, tear stained eyes
He lived each moment of our lives
Every fear and insecurity I’ve ever known
My every falling moment, he has atoned

Also, this is the link to the LDS Church’s Easter video for 2015:

ā¤ Sister Harrison


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