Warrior of Light


Dear Family and Friends,

MONDAY. Sister Daker and I loaded up the car and I had to say goodbye to 7 1/2 months of memories. We went to the church for the early transfer because Sister Daker’s companion was there so we emailed with her and went to Sister Rosema’s for a last hurrah. She told us a great story and gave us gifts. It was a hard goodbye, and I will truly miss her, however, it is not the end and I will see her and her family (my adopted family) soon! Then I picked up my companion! Sister Lau rom Buckeye, Arizona. She’s great! She originates from the UK and has been on her mission for 4.5 months. We’re starting to realize that we’re kind of the same person and she’s more bold than me! Can you believe it?

As we were driving to our apartment in the country, everything just seemed right. I was of course anxious about pinkwashing a new area, and receiving a new companion, but the Lord was telling me I was in the right place. Pinkwashing, is when they take both missionaries (Elders) out of an area and put new missionaries (Sisters) in their place. Usually when there is a transfer, one of the missionaries will remain in the area and receive another missionary. Not for us however. We have had some crazy adventures so far.

TUESDAY. Our apartment is spacious, at least compared to my old one. We’ve figured out that our phone doesn’t work and we probably won’t get one until next week. We’ve also discovered a lot of treasures, including a Lord of the Rings Trivia game and a mini Renaissance knife/sword thing.

We met our Ward Mission Leader who just got off his mission in Las Vegas. He’s super on top of it!! The Elders left us a note saying we had an appointment with a guy named Ryan, so we texted the only Ryan in our phone, and he was like, “How’d you get this number?!’ But he ended up meeting with us at the church. Turns out he’s a less active, (along with the other 4/5 of the ward), and lives in one of the 24 cities we cover. He went off about his 2nd Amendment rights and preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse and how he’ll “be ready.” I’m not used to stuff like this, so I have to contain myself and realize these people are serious. But they have good hearts. I’ve been called a “city slicker” a few times… Turns out there’s land behind our ward building that our church owns, and it’s enough room to BUILD A TEMPLE. I am honored to be the seed planter in preparing this area for Zion and a kingdom on Earth.

We had our first dinner appointment at the Richardson’s, and are they great! He has a hillbilly burglar alarm and she was telling us about these kangaroo testicle pouches. We had a lesson with an investigator and she has 4 dogs, a box of kittens, and a gerbil that sounds like a bird and random people going in and out of her house.

WEDNESDAY we went door knocking for a bit and picked up two potentials. My GPS always takes us to graveyards. We spend about an hour driving from place to place. Good thing Sister Lau and I like each other. Apparently a lot of people here have Taser flashlights. We met the Bishop and he wants us to “Strengthen where we (the ward) stand”.

THURSDAY. We met with one of the 25 widows in the ward and she’s super funny. She’s really excited to have Sisters, because she can now have them in her home without worrying about finding a man to be there. We had dinner with a part member family, and they were really nice. She made homemade pizza and we played Apples to Apples. The non member husband said he really liked us because we weren’t boring. I want to baptize him.

FIRDAY we went and visited some members (SUPER awesome families). Sister Lau was driving and there was this man on the side of the road with his hazards on, so she pulls over to see if he needs any help, and he was like “No, just pickin’ up some cans. Gives me sumthin’ to do.” “Alright..” Sister Lau responded, rolling up her window and slowly rolled away. She looked at me and then looked straight forward. I busted out laughing. We had a sweet dinner appointment with the Magistri’s. The whole time we were visiting members, our prayers were being answered and we continued to understand what our purpose was in this area and why Heavenly Father and President Jacobson stuck two, bold, inexperienced Sisters in Greenville.

SATURDAY, we organized the ward directory and phone and maps.

SUNDAY the ward greeted us with open arms. “We haven’t had sisters in over 20 years!’ they all exclaimed. We were gifted with scarves and a casserole and a ward goal to do a 40 day fast. This is where each family in the ward signs up for a day where they will fast for “the lost sheep”, and invite the missionaries (us) over to help them end it by having us in their home for dinner and we can talk to them about their fast and what they’re going to do to take the next step. We passed around the meal calendar which apparently never happens, and it was full by the end of the day. We’re so excited to get to know the people in this ward. I’ve fallen in love with them already. One lady (Sister Smith) said to me, “You are so funny. Just embrace the people here and you’ll fit right in. You already do.”

Also, I know I don’t usually talk about Mondays, but on our way to the library we almost got attacked by a wild turkey.

To end this weeks update, I’d like to end with some lyrics to a favorite hymn of mine:
Perhaps today there are loving words
Which Jesus would have me speak;
There may be now in the paths of sin
Some wand’rer whom I should seek.
O Savior, if thou wilt be my guide,
Tho dark and rugged the way,
My voice shall echo the message sweet:
I’ll say what you want me to say.

Love to All,
❤ Sister Harrison


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