We did not doubt, our mother’s knew it

10003477_10203294386025640_468934197_nHi Family and Friends,

Happy belated Mother’s Day everyone! Hope you all took time to recognize and thank the women who have impacted your life! This week wasn’t super eventful. I think to balance out the past month….

MONDAY (PDay was fun). We walked around the mall with the Saginaw Elders and went to a gourmet chocolate shoppe. I bought a Hawaiian shirt to wear to Zone Conference and we drank frozen hot chocolate for the first time 🙂

TUESDAY we had lunch with the Elders and called 40 potentials.

WEDNESDAY we called and set up some appointments with less actives and part members. This lady signed us up for dinner at 8:30…. That didn’t end up happening.

THURSDAY we had Zone Conference in Midland and the Traverse City Zone was there. It was a very needed, spiritually uplifting conference. One of the counselors in the mission Presidency (President Hoover) talked about when Christ comes- “Will we bow in reverence or hang our head in shame?” We had a super yummy lunch of deep dish pizza and sang “Called to Serve.” Our Zone Leaders Elder Bloskas and Elder Blatter made these super funny, cheesy demonstrational videos. (MLM ‘Michigan Lansing Mission’ Productions.”

FRIDAY our Sister Training Leaders surprised us by telling us they were coming to blitz (go on splits with us) in our area and help us wherever we needed help. We had this crazy, huge BBQ with the Elders at the Klof Jr.’s house. They have a ton of kids and chickens and a stray cat. We were sharing a lesson at the end and I asked the kids if they ever want to talk about something that makes them happy (with a Sharing the Gospel feel)… like their Legos? And one kid was like, “no, because that’s bragging.” *face palm*

SATURDAY was rough. Sister Lau was sick the whole day, so I went through my old journal and that was fun.

SUNDAY I got a chocolate covered pretzel in after Sacrament Meeting because I’m a woman over 18. Yay! The primary children and youth sang this cute song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr8CGydPB5g Then I got to Skype my family after church! That was super fun and neat 🙂 I love them lots! ❤

Transfer calls are Friday, so we’ll be excited to see what’s going on! Here’s my quote for the week: “In the spiritual battles you are waging, I see you as today’s sons of Helaman.” -President Ezra Taft Benson

Love, Sister Harrison


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