We Rejoice In Christ

Hello everyone! Sister Harrison here!

News update: I will be transferring to Meridian (south of Lansing) today to whitewash with Sister Peterson! I sure am excited! 😀

MONDAY we had a dinner appointment and this 3 year old was talking about all sorts of stuff and then goes “Prince Wednesday has so much money, he has two soaps!” Sister Lau turned to me and said, “Well, we better find a Prince Wednesday so we can be that fancy!” I think the reference was to Mr. Roger’s puppet neighborhood…

TUESDAY we met with our super prepared investigator Jessica. She’s a sweetheart and really trying to make some changes to her life. We also did service helping make hair accessories for one of the Young Women’s quinceañera.

WEDNESDAY we had District Meeting in Saginaw and taught an Armor of God object lesson to this less active family. I think they really enjoyed it 🙂 We also had a lesson with this lady in the parking lot of this store.

THURSDAY we went to an event that a few members in our ward put on called “Food for Faith” and prepared and fed the homeless. There was a 15 year old girl there doing community service and she really took to us. We got her number! (Potential investigator? I think yes!) 🙂

FRIDAY we had some meetings and met with a med student member who’s unable to make it to church all the time and had lunch with the Elders at a member’s house.

SATURDAY we walked A LOT. Oh my goodness, my feet were worn! But I think it was good for me 🙂 BBQ with the Elders at a member’s home 🙂

SUNDAY we talked about modern day prophets in Relief Society and I really enjoyed that. It was in the 80s that day and Sister Lau and I were driving all over to visit members but it was so warm and we were fighting over the AC… it was kinda funny.

I’m sure gonna miss her and we’ve been through a lot together! I hope you all had a great week and don’t forget to read the scriptures! They are amazing! If you don’t “feel like it”, that’s Satan! A quote to end my post:
“You need time to meditate and ponder, to think, to wonder at the great plan of happiness that the Lord has outlined for His children. You need to read the scriptures. You need to read good literature. You need to partake of the great culture which is available to all of us. I heard President David O. McKay say to the members of the Twelve on one occasion, ‘Brethren, we do not spend enough time meditating.'” President Hinckley

Love, Sister Alex Harrison ❤


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