I Need Thee Every Hour

Hi Family and Friends,

Well, MONDAY we had Zone Pday. Sister Peterson and I participated in a card game called Munchkin. It was actually kind of fun. There was also plenty of awkward to go around, but we did our best to keep our sanity. There was also a lot of acapella and harmonizing…. so that was neat. We attended a member’s birthday party with the Elders and that was interesting as well.

TUESDAY we had interviews with our Mission President. That occurs about every 3 months. It went well and as we waited for everyone to take their turn, we watched some great Mormon Channel videos. Our Zone Leaders joined us for District Meeting after and it was about keeping faith in Missionary Work. Elder Wheat and Alley got us super pumped up and then we all went to the mall food court for lunch. We helped a lady in our ward move and went to help the young women tie dye for Girl’s Camp.

WEDNESDAY we went to Sister Hatch’s house to help her teach this man from South Korea English. He told us he felt something when we talked. He’s Catholic, and Sister Hatch explained to him that was the Holy Spirit. On our way out of our dinner appointment with the McElroy family, their elderly neighbor Jan was walking to her car with a hurt back. I was backing my companion out, but I felt inspired to talk to her. She said she was overwhelmed and she’s trying to get her garden planted. I gave her a momorn.org card with our number on it and she received it well. Potential? I think yes! 🙂 We also finally got in contact with this less active couple… who are supposed to be Ward Missionaries 😉 They agreed to let us visit them weekly.

THURSDAY was rough. It was overcast/pouring all day, so that effects my mood. Our investigator was being flaky and that was frustrating so we went and bought donuts. I got this donut with crushed chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough flavored crème on the inside.

FRIDAY we went to the MSU McDonald’s which is 2 stories high and got the Twix McFlurry. We needed it. The same investigator from the day before kicked us out of her house and I was not too thrilled about that. Actually, I was relieved to not be in her presence, but I probably could’ve handled it better. We attempted to visit half of the ward directory, and picked up some new less actives to visit on a regular basis 🙂 Dinner at the Hatch’s with the Elders.

SATURDAY was quite eventful. We had breakfast and Correlation with the Ward Mission Leader at his house and then we went to the Celebrate Okemos festival and PCed. (Personal Contact). It was a great opportunity to get to know the community better and have non-awkward conversation about the gospel. This one lady that was selling jewelry in this tent took a picture of us and sent it to her member grandson at BYU-Idaho, haha.

SUNDAY we had a linger longer. It’s basically a potluck for the congregation. Church wasn’t very thrilling other than that. We did have half of the primary asking their parents if they could sit with us and do our hair. I think we were a bit distracting… haha.
To close, here’s a quote that we could apply more often (including myself.)

❤ Sister Harrison

“Of all our needs, I think the greatest is an increase of faith” -President Gordon B. Hinckley


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