The Heavens Have Been Opened

Dear Family and Friends

MONDAY was pretty chill. We played Munchkin with the Elders and then both went to the Bishop’s home for another delicious dinner of Mexican food and somehow got on the topic of marriage…

TUESDAY we taught Barbara the Word of Wisdom. We went less active finding and met this lady that’s in a nursing home. Sister P asked her what she knows about Jesus Christ (basics) and she went on a rant about toilet paper. But then we had to go because her chicken wingz arrived. We went and visited this family who were watching MAMMA MIA on full volume. There were about 15 people in the living room, so we just stood and tried to figure out why they don’t come to church.

WEDNESDAY we taught Yan Ping without Sister Sun! I wasn’t sure how that would turn out, but we did it! (Thanks to online translators). We invited her to be baptized on August 8th and she accepted! She seems pretty excited! I was impressed with Sister P and I’s companionship unity during that lesson. I showed her the Bible Video of Jesus being baptized and she said it made her feel happy. 🙂 After, we went to find some potentials that the Elders had doorknocked into in the past and this happened to be deep city of South Lansing. We got out of the car and this lady said Tyrone moved to the “east side” and “Lawd, he NEEDS Jesus!” So to make conversation before we left (cuz we had gotten her riled up), I asked her what her cats names were: Miss Demeanor, Convict, Feliny, and Diamond. 😀

THURSDAY we found a less active member, David Ray- 6’8 African American. We asked him if his wife was home (that depends whether or not we can go inside) and he said no, so I told him we’d have to meet outside, and his response- “Right, ‘cuz I’m the Latter Day Saint serial kidnapper” and then proceeded to get us towels to sit on. he reads a lot of false information, but I think he really just wants a reaction out of us. He asked why we were on our missions, and I told him because of [people like] him and he said “Good thing my wife wasn’t here to hear that.” We downloaded the Gospel Library app for him on his phone and he texted us saying he was up until 3 am reading it! He also brought his nonmember wife and a friend to the ward picnic. He was talking about the story with Abraham being instructed to kill his son Isaac by an angel and how he would of asked for some ID if he was in that situation. I related that back to prayer (because he’s not praying) and explained how he can ask Heavenly Father what’s true, but he has to make the effort.

FRIDAY we were driving down MLK Blvd (sketchiest road in Lansing) and I saw a tall gangster walking with his son right next to him. I love being on a mission, because it’s helped me better see that everyone is a child of God. Some members took us out to dinner who happen to home and visit teach this less active sister we sometimes visit. They said that she told them about an analogy of a scale I showed her with NASCAR watching on one hand and coming to church on the other. When we were with her, she kind of ignored me, but she told the members that really put things into perspective for her 🙂 That was neat to hear that I was able to bring someone closer to Christ. #Itsnotaboutthenumbersitsaboutthepeople

SATURDAY was our ward picnic. What was supposed to be the hottest day of the summer ended up down pouring rain. It was great though. Tammy showed up 🙂 Sister P and I played Frisbee with the Elders which was pretty legit.

SUNDAY Sister P and Elder Strong both gave talks on missionary work. Yay! I had a pretty bad headache (dehydrated?), so we stayed inside and made a list of ways we can serve the members of the ward more ❤

I hope the upcoming week will be a good one for everyone. The following quote is from President Uchtdorf as part of the First Presidency Message in the July issue of the Ensign. It really made me think.

We sometimes look back on what the pioneers endured and with relief say, “Thank goodness I didn’t live in that time.” But I wonder if those courageous pioneers, had they been able to see us today, might not have voiced the same concern.

Love, Sister Harrison ❤


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