American Dreams

Dear Family and Friends,

MONDAY! We traded out our Equinox of 3 weeks for a 2016 Metallic Grey Chevy Cruz! It has A USB PORT (which is important because you don’t have to lug a bunch of CDs around #firstworldmissionproblems) We also walked to the MSU Dairy with our District and got to know them a little bit better 🙂 Then we had FHE at the church with the Elders and 2 members in the ward. #ObscureOldTestamentStoryPictionary

TUESDAY we visited this less active guy… not sure why he’s less active. LOVES the missionaries… we should get him back out to church soon 🙂 Yan Ping was home but didn’t answer the door… Lesson with Tammy at a member’s house. We committed her to baptism… she didn’t understand why she needed to be baptized, so we explained it again and she said she’d pray about it. so that’s good. We also visited the less active member who loves NASCAR! She was ready for a lesson right when we got there which is huge! Then I helped her with her iPad and she got SUPER excited about that. We also talked to a Muslim lady from Turkey today while door knocking!

WEDNESAY we had a good District Meeting from Elder Strong on ‘How to Begin Teaching’ AKA helping people understand our purpose as missionaries (because some people that let us in to talk with them are just very lonely.) We are no longer teaching our investigator Diane because she won’t make any effort to set appointments. We did a lot of work on our Area Book. We were disappointed Barbara couldn’t meet because she was “tired.” Robert couldn’t meet either, and we’re super low on miles because it’s the end of the month (and we have to drive to Mt. Pleasant for 1/2 mission Pday on Thursday, HAHA!) We looked through the Area Book to see if there were any former investigators we should try to pick up again and one of them had passed on…. Another was 102 years old!

THURSDAY we had a picnic with a lady Sister P meet door knocking at the beginning of her mission. She has been baptized! I think it was good for them to reconnect. 🙂 They talked about how much both of them had grown in the past year and a half. We had 2 more potentials shine us and Tammy is kind of playing hard to get… So we door knocked and ended up talking to this guy named John for 30 minutes on his doorstep! He was passively fascinated with the idea of sealings 🙂 The next door neighbor was a man named Rod that just moved up here from Florida. He looked like Lil’ Wayne. I asked him if he believed in God and he was like, “Yeah, but it’s hard to see him out here on the streets, ya feel me?” So I talked to him about standards and asked if family was important. “Aye, they’re heavy.” So I brought up the ‘Proclamation to the Family’ and he liked the sound of that, so we should be going back soon 🙂 Had authentic tamales at Los Tres Amigos for dinner with the Elders thanks to the Rivers family. 🙂

FRIDAY We went and visited Sister Sun who was not expecting us, but I think it was good we visited her. Her body is in a lot of pain and so she gets depressed easily. We showed her “Mountains to Climb” from the Mormon Channel which is one of the best videos EVER! We were blessed with a tender mercy. A former sister missionary who used to teach her many years ago, messaged her on Facebook! We made a video message for her to send back. 🙂
Then we went to a wedding for the Elder’s investigators- Brian and Samantha. 🙂 I forgot to get a picture of them. :/ In the evening, we tried Personal Contacting like they do in Rome and Elder Maucotel brought his violin and played. It was super pretty though, where we set up! There was a beautiful sunset! There were a lot of Indian people out on a walk who avoided us like the plague, lol.

SATURDAY we called a ton of former investigators and got 5 appointments set up for this upcoming week! 😀

SUNDAY we went to Yan Ping’s before church and her husband answered… (oh no). He was like, “We’re Buddhist” and I stood up to him and explained that when we talked about Jesus, that his wife said it made her feel happy, so he said we could come back and teach her on Tuesday. 🙂 Barbara left us a voicemail that she was not interested in learning more about the gospel, but basically just explained she liked our company. We taught the 9 year olds, and the lessons were on the talents, so we passed around a sticky note for each person with their name on it, and everyone had to write a talent for every person in the room. We also hung out in Young Womens and played basketball because there were only 2 young women and their leader. basketball= a laundry basket and a ball that you throw into it when you answer a question about ‘taking Christ’s name upon you’ correctly and then you win a Hershey’s bar. Awesome dinner appointment with a member family we are starting to get to know better. She served a mission in Rome and he is a PhD student and super funny and they have a chubby, talkative 2 year old named Penelope, they call Penny. 🙂 We had enchilada casserole and magic bars. 😀

To conclude, I will end with a scripture my cousin sent me this week. You could say it’s Christmas in July 😉 It is found in Luke 2:10-11, which says And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.

Love, Sister Alex Harrison ❤


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