Dear Family and Friends,

Over the past 8 transfers (one year), I have taught 150 lessons, received 201 referrals from members, nonmembers, and, picked up 61 new investigators, taught 217 lessons to less active members, and invited 3,584 people to learn about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!

Just thought I’d share some fun facts! πŸ™‚ Onto MONDAY… Sister Peterson and I attended the Michigan Historical Museum! I’ve been there a ton, but what better way for her to end her mission in the state than to visit its very own museum?

TUESDAY we helped one of our new families in the ward unpack and rearrange her living room πŸ™‚ It was a good break from door knocking πŸ˜€ We also visited this less active family who’s kids were flipping each other off, so I taught them about the thumbs up gesture and made it top secret sounding. They adopted that pretty fast πŸ™‚ #weareahappyfamily We had a super spiritual lesson with Amanda- Sister Kelley attended πŸ™‚ She’s a convert of four years and brought the pamphlets that the Elders gave her all the way back then!

WEDNESDAY was kinda crazy- tried contacting some former investigators in Lansing. I also received an amazing blessing from a new brother in the ward. Satan doesn’t want us to receive blessings, so he makes us feel inadequate for them, or that we don’t want to hear what God has to say. Let me tell you, Heavenly Father just wants you to know how much He loves you!!! Sister Peterson heard this quote once that said, “If we knew how much God loved us, we would never sin.” It was pretty profound!

THURDSAY we visited a dear less active. She tried to commit suicide that morning, so I definitely think it was inspired that we went over. She ended up taking us to a bookstore cafΓ© for dinner which was super fun πŸ™‚

FRIDAY we received our transfer call from President Jacobson. He thanked Sister Peterson for all of her work and contribution to the mission and told me I was staying in “Okeemose”. I will be senior companion to Sister Rachel Smith. She was Sister Daker (my trainee)’s MTC companion! I’m excited for that! I made cookies for our neighbor and she invited us in. An hour after conversing, she expressed a desire to take the lessons. I do believe she is prepared. *Update on Yan Ping: her husband desires that we do not teach the lessons to her anymore, however, their daughter snatched up the Book of Mormon and took it to her room. #effectinggenerationstocome ❀ We had a beautiful dinner at Sister Kelley’s with the Elders and her awesome daughter Chelsea. Ended the night with a brief lesson with Amanda to review some things. Sister K donated some Ensign and Friend magazines to the family, and they seemed excited about that.

SATURDAY consisted of calling people and packing.

SUNDAY I connected with a student whom we have mutual friends. Russell Stevenson is his name, and he’s an author. He’s been away on a trip to Africa for the summer doing research. We have a lot in common, so that was refreshing. We drove around a bit so Sister P could get pictures with some people before she departed home back to Utah. A part member family had us and the Elders over for a barbeque which was nice.

Overall, it was a chill but good week! I’m grateful to be a part of the Michigan Lansing Mission! It is an honor to be out one year, and I’m grateful to see what the next 6 months bring! πŸ™‚

❀ Love, Sister Harrison

“There is no cure for the ills of the world except the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our hope for peace, for temporal and spiritual prosperity, and for an eventual inheritance in the kingdom of God is found only in and through the restored gospel. There is no work that any of us can engage in that is as important as preaching the gospel and building up the Church and kingdom of God on earth.” -Joseph Fielding Smith


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