A Time To Dance

This week was amazing.
MONDAY we had flash floods while we were emailing. Sister Peterson said that she prayed that Michigan would “cry for her.” She got her wish! We celebrated at Olive Garden and she had her departing interview. It was bittersweet.

TUESDAY we had a successful lesson with the ‘gesture’ family. We committed them to Family Home Evening, which we promised would result in a much happier, Christ centered home. They invited us over to dinner the following day which was a surprise and mentioned that they wanted to start coming back to church.

WEDNESAY we were on our way to the hospital to visit some less actives, and Sister Smith and I were driving through downtown Lansing when we saw a flash mob from a dance troupe from Germany- so we joined! We’re probably famous on German TV! πŸ˜€ We were also supposed to have a lesson with a lady we doorknocked into, but apparently she sprained her ankle and was in the ER. Sister Smith said “Satan tripped her.” Sister Smith is from South Carolina and was MTC companions with Sister Daker- my trainee. The sister she just finish training is still in Battlecreek and is companions with Sister Daker now!

THURSDAY we went to Amanda’s for our lesson on “Following the Prophet”. Before we began, she asked if she could say the opening prayer, which was huge, and in it, she asked that her husband would stop drinking. I looked at Sister Smith and pulled out the Work of Wisdom pamphlet. Change in plans! πŸ˜€ When we got to the no coffee or tea part, she was expectedly surprised, but then led us into her kitchen where she handed us all of both substances… then opened up her fridge to hand us her 24 hour energy. She also said that she usually gets depressed when arguing with her husband- she’s still not happy, but she feels more at peace. I told her that was because she is living he gospel and the Lord is blessing her.

FRIDAY we had a lesson with Anna next door… well more like 3 lessons. She’s studying with the Jehovah Witnesses, who actually have been preparing her for us. She doesn’t believe all of what they say and isn’t opposed to being baptized (I invited her to be), but she just isn’t ready, which is understandable. She is concerned for all the wickedness in the world, and is at peace when we teach her. We also had a picnic with the other sisters in the Zone and celebrated one of their birthday’s, the APS cashed it. Elder Norton read us this: http://www.stm.faithweb.com/Files/lurch.html Out of the people we’ve doorknocked into this week, 30 precent of them want us to come back! That’s unheard of!

SATURDAY we did a lot of service and celebrated Elder Strong’s birthday at Sister Kelley’s πŸ™‚ ❀

SUNDAY Amanda was supposed to go to church in Detroit because she was working down there for the weekend. However, a series of unfortunate events happened, and she had to come back to Okemos. I yelled out loud at Satan because she hasn’t been to church yet and needs to before she’s baptized in 2 weeks. But as I was composing myself, she said “I’m in uniform, and am driving to your church right now.” It’ was powerful .The members and hymns were amazing and inspired. That morning, we also picked up a new investigator- Israel, who’s from Cuba. He wants to change his life for the better. I committed him to be baptized in a few weeks and he said he was baptized. We taught him the Restoration and I explained that other churches have a piece of a broken mirror but the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints has the full mirror and he liked that and said he’d pray.
Our Gospel Principles lesson was on Charity, so I’ll end with a video our teacher used- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBIEYAfoEz0

Love, Sister Harrison ❀


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