I Will Rejoice

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good week!

MONDAY we joined the rest of the Zone for Pday. I brought my giant beach ball my mom sent me for volleyball. 🙂

TUESDAY I thought I had strep :O Sat in the waiting room and watched “Crocodile Hunters”- definitely this highlight of Sister Smith’s week…. 😉 After the doctor’s appointment, we went to go check up on a potential from door knocking the previous week and ran into her parents that don’t speak any English! I used his smart phone to translate the conversation and we happened to have a Spanish PLAN OF SALVATION pamphlet in the car that we gave him He invited us to come back Monday! 🙂 As we were leaving the neighborhood about an hour later, we saw him sitting out on his steps reading though it ❤
We went to go give Israel his Spanish Book of Mormon and ended up helping his neighbor across the street with yard work. Somehow I recited the entire Restorations lesson by memory (I guess that comes with being out of a year) and she invited us to meet with her as well! 🙂

WEDNESDAY we had our first District Meeting of the transfer with the Holt Elders. We talked about effective finding. One of our Zone Leaders and Assistants to the President were on trade offs and joined us. After lunch we gave our car to one of the companionships starting our car rotations (so we’ll have the car for 2 weeks and be without it for one week). I’ve heard of other areas that have it worse, so I’m not complaining. You just have to walk a lot and ask people for rides 😛
We visited some less actives and one of them prayed that we’d find nice husbands.
We taught Amanda that night with Sister Kelley and committed her to live the Law of Chastity and Tithing and she committed to both.

THURSDAY we continued to visit some less actives and had dinner with a Sister and her nonmember mother that I knew in the Holt Ward 🙂

FRIDAY was a walking day. We door knocked for 5 hours and this girl gave us a chocolate bar. I bit into it and there were WORMS! I’m still recovering.

SATURDAY we helped the Hopkins’- a family in the ward with their yard sale.

SUNDAY Amanda brought her girls to church. She would like to postpone the baptism for now. She enjoyed church and especially Relief Society where she made comments and friends! 😀 The Temple President and Matron visited and gave a fireside to the Stake Relief Society sisters, and that was a rejuvenating way to end the evening. 🙂
The scripture I’ll leave with you this week is found in Alma chapter 13:
24 For behold, angels are declaring it unto many at this time in our land; and this is for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive his word at the time of his coming in his glory.

25 And now we only wait to hear the joyful news declared unto us by the mouth of angels, of his coming; for the time cometh, we know not how soon. Would to God that it might be in my day; but let it be sooner or later, in it I will rejoice.

Love, Sister Harrison ❤


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