Birthday Week

Hello family and friends of the Internet!
Sister Harrison here! I will be 20 years old tomorrow! The only scripture I could find about birthdays was found in Matthew Chapter 14 verse 6 and I decided that wasn’t exactly appropriate, so I will leave you with a different scripture at the end of this letter. 🙂

MONDAY we were having Personal Studies, and I could hear a child screaming out in the hall, so I walked out there and her mom was standing in dread, apologizing for the noise. She explained that she was on her way to class and Emma didn’t want to go to the babysitters. I crouched down and told Emma that I had also has a rough morning [waking up]. The 4 year old became very quiet- shy, basically- and I said that I have to get up so I can help people during the day get things done! Then I went into our apartment and found some miscellaneous toys in our storage closet and she picked out a teddy bear beanie baby. When I got home that night, I had a thank you drawing from her and her mom taped on the door. ❤
Sister Smith and I went to a lesson with the Perez family- the potentials we picked up the week before. We brought a Spanish speaking Return Missionary who translated for us and as we talked about the Telestial Kingdom, Antonio stuck his hands on his head and pretended to have horns. Sister Smith and I laughed and he got excited because we understood what he said 😀 He also asked if “bailamos?” (we can dance), and started shaking his butt. Hopefully my 3 years of Spanish will start to pay off.

TUESDAY we helped a family in our ward clean their house and did some door knocking.

WENDESDAY we watched ‘Meet the Mormons’ and had dinner at Amanda’s. We also picked up a few potentials door knocking. There was this tough guy who didn’t think there really was a God out there but after I testified of His love, his complete demeanor changed. It was special. We ended the night helping a less active we’re working on reactivating plan her wedding to her non member fiancé. He is totally receptive to the gospel. She has a sweet son Nathan. We got to share a thought on families which was neat.

THURSDAY we visited Sister Sun which was a blast as always. We started Personal Progress with her and showed her what each of the apps on her iPad meant. We downloaded some radio stations on her music app. 4 hours later we got a panicked call- “Seesta Harrison?? It wont turn off!!!” I hear Luke Bryan blasting in the background. I died!, before I came back and walked her through turning the music app off.

We also visited our less active, Tony who really is only less active because he has to work on Sunday. He’s super funny. He was in the hospital because his blood sugar was three times higher than it should have been and the doctor asked him what he takes for his diabetes and he said “a pack of Skittles.” 😀

We had another lesson with the Perez’s that night and our Ward Mission Leader Brother Robison who used to be the Mission President in Spain accompanied us. When we recited the first vision and I asked the family if they believed it was true, Antonio said “I never oppose divine things. God has His chosen people.” He says his soul is filled immensely with the Spirit of God when we visit and share the truth and love of God. I’ve never taught someone so spiritual. ❤

FRIDAY a lot of door knocking. Amanda loved Alma 36- the scripture we committed her to read- and said she really felt like she connected with it. She wants to set a new date, #HisGraceIsSufficient

SATURDAY the Elders had a baptism and Amanda brought her girls! President and Sister Jacobson were also there and got to meet her. She was really comfortable with them which was good. We also spent the day with Sister Kelley helping a family clean and move out of their house to Canada!

SUNDAY Amanda and the girls came to church and everyone has fallen in love with them. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how well the members have reached out to her and others who desire to join the fold. As Elder Causse says, “In this Church there are no strangers and no outcasts. There are only brothers and sisters.” Amanda prayed and decided on September 19th to be baptized. I thank all of you for your prayers in her behalf. I encourage you to keep the prayers strong, as she will be leaving soon for a week for the army and we won’t have much contact with her. It will be the week before her baptism which is vital time to stay strong, as Satan is working extra hard. Thank you again! Also, we went to go check on Israel (who was sleeping… #shinedagian), but his 14 year old neighbor Quinton was interested in who we were, so we taught him the Plan of Salvation right then and there! He wants us to come back and committed to pray to know what we taught was true. ❤

Isaiah 52:7 How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!

Love, Sister Harrison ❤


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