Funky Week

Hello friends and family on the internet! It is Sister Harrison here! I am writing this post on Saturday because we will be in Kalamazoo Monday for a conference with a member of the Quorum of the Seventy- Elder Wilford W. Andersen, therefore our Pday is today. I will be writing again next Monday- the day of transfers.

MONDAY we didn’t have a Pday because we took 2 the previous week (Monday and when I went to the temple), but that was okay because we taught Quinton. Sister S thinks he’s just meeting with us because we’re girls…. If he’s not reading the Book of Mormon next time we visit, we may drop him. We also dropped Israel because he’s never home. It was unfortunate because he had a lot of potential, but I’m sure the missionaries will pick him back up in the future. We took Autumn- a Laurel in the ward who is an artist- with us to a local park to chalk out the Plan of Salvation and Restoration. There were a lot of people BBQing there and one lady asked about the PLan of Salvation. Her best friend had just committed suicide that very morning. We had a flash flood right after though. 😛
We had a big dinner at the Bishop’s home with the Elders and the Robison’s while we discussed society.

TUESDAY I woke up feeling sad for some reason but that changed when we went out door knocking first thing and the first person let us in! Huiqing was her name and we ended up teaching her for an hour! She wants us back Sunday and will hopefully come to church. 🙂 Then we went to Tropical Smoothie Café for a Sisters Lunch! (We do one every time a sister in the Zone has a birthday). We visited a lot of less actives that day and got harassed in Taco Bell (I swear, we can’t go anywhere.) We had dinner at Amanda’s, and not only is she converted to the gospel now, but BYUTV! 😉 Her 10 year old daughter Kaylee wants to start taking the lessons! 🙂

WEDNESDAY highlights included a fun District Meeting on the Morning Schedule (waking up on time, exercising, etc.) It was Elder Strong’s last DM because he’s going back to Canada next Wednesday! It was neat to get 2 years of advice from his experiences and then go out to Bob Evans for lunch!

THURSDAY we visited Sister Sun and found out she’s moving back to Taiwan. 😥 The doctor said it will be better for her health to be with family. I will miss her dearly. Then we taught this man- Ahamd- who’s ex-Muslim. He’s takes religion very seriously. He fasted before he met with us! I think the Book of Mormon was kind of overwhelming for him, but he promised to pray about it.
Before the lesson, we were in the mission office because the secretary (Sister Bish) was going to join in), and I was making a big deal of my White-Out exploding on me that morning during Personal Study so president Jacobson walks in and starts teasing me and prints out this paper on “How to get White-Out out of your clothes” which included WD40!

FRIDAY we door knocked a lot and met two people who had met with missionaries before in other states!
In the evening, we met with a family who is newish in our ward. They’ve lived here for three years, but just started coming to church. The Hopkins family hosted us and it was a spiritually uplifting experience. besides, the mom thinks I’m funny. 😉

Well, that was my short week in summary! Thank you for all your love, thoughts, prayers, and support! I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the start of school or whatever else you may be up too! The leaves should be changing soon!

xoxoxo ❤ Sister Harrison
#3Nephi 5:13


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