We’ll Bring the World His Truth

Hello everyone!

MONDAY. I got to spend the first few days with Sister Courtney Edwards who was also waiting for her trainee! She came up from Three Rivers to stay with me! We also temporarily adopted Sister Daker (my first trainee), Sister Cornia (who is opening up a new area and double training.. she’s hardcore), and Sister Koch (who I came out with!) We spent 3 hours trying to find a library that we could all email at! But we did find ourselves at the local community college, so we had a fun lunch there. Let me tell you, 5 girls and their luggage piled in a Chevy Cruze…. Things were hanging out of the window…

TUESDAY we had to go in and get our car fixed because of the Holt Elders 😉 #carrotationprobs
We went door knocking for a while and this lady went on a 20 minute rant about President Obama being a terrorist…

WEDNESDAY we visited a ton of less actives with our helpful “third companion” Sister Stuart 😀 We also had dinner with a family in the Williamston Ward that Sister Edwards knew when she was serving in that area.
We met a cool kid door knocking named Andrew. He said that religion may be an interest in the future but he has to work some things out right now. I asked him when the best time to plant a tree was and he kinda chuckled. “200 years ago,” I stated. “When’s the next best time to plant a tree?” *blank stare* “TODAY!” (Thanks Elder Strong) Now he wants us to come back in two weeks! 😀

THURSDAY we piled up the car again and went to the Trainer’s Meeting. My good friend Elder Wheat presented the training. Then we lined up and got our trainees! My new companion is Sister Heugly (HUGE-ly) from West Jordan Utah! She said that when she saw the trainers lined up, she wanted me! ❤ She’s got a lot of great ideas and I’m excited to learn a lot from her!

FRIDAY we door knocked and walked for 4 1/2 hours!

SATURDAY we did some intense service at a members house! (kicking down walls and ripping out floors…) We did about 4.5 more hours of finding and got a referral from Utah! Sister Heugly really took that as a tender mercy so we stopped and thanked Heavenly Father ❤ We contacted the referral and they want to meet with us on Tuesday!
We also finally got in touch with the Perez’s and will be teaching them after! Dinner with the Elders at the Bishop’s home and the Women’s Broadcast to follow. My favorite quote was “Eternity includes today. It doesn’t start after we die.”

SUNDAY we had an amazing testimony meeting and we taught about Eternal Families in Gospel Principles!
We were also able to stop my Huiqing and make sure she got the Bible we had dropped off! She was so excited when we came to the door- she called us her Sisters 😀 We will be meeting with her on Sunday! #fastingworks
I have really felt a stronger sense of optimism, patience, and listening to others over these past 13 months. It was another great week in the Michigan Lansing Mission and I’ll talk to you next week! #homebound5months

Love, Sister Harrison xoxo

D&C 76:22 And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: THAT HE LIVES!


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