The Road to Heaven is Upward

Hi Family and Friends,

Monday I attended the Michigan Lansing Mission’s first LEGACY event. It was for the missionaries that are going home in the next 6 months. We made goals that we wanted to accomplish and leave behind. It was nice to see people and make plans to finish our missions with a big HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!
We had a dinner appointment that night and the member made fry sauce!! #UTAHSOLUTIONS

Tuesday we did training on “How to Work With the Members”, which is always a frustrating topic for me because #agency, but we came up with a lot of great ideas, so I’m excited to put those into action! 🙂 I’ve been treadmilling to bluegrass hymns in the morning. #thisisthelife
We also went out with a member in the Relief Society Presidency to visit some MIA sisters and she made us banana bread! #tendermercies
We had a lesson with Kahley. She’s moved her baptismal date up to this Saturday! (October 17th) 🙂 We’re also taking Amanda to the Family History Center so she can print her ancestors names and we can take her to the temple!
We’re going to have to drop the Perez family 😦 They are not keeping commitments and I think it’s because they don’t understand the purpose, but until we get more support from the ward, they will not have successful longevity. :/

Wednesday we had an amazing District Meeting on “Working with the Ward”! What a coincidence! Elder Dunn had us role play a Ward Council and I was dying because it was so crazy! #reality Our District is the BOMB.COM 🙂 We have the Holt Elders, Lansing Sisters, and then the Meridian Elders and us. Me and Elder Dunn have been out the longest… everyone else is pretty green, but they’re all great 🙂
We visited two less actives, and the lessons actually went pretty great! I’ve been visiting with them for a while now, and one of them wants to work on going to the temple! 🙂 One of them had a lame excuse about how the Sabbath Day is Saturday and I basically told her to get over herself if she had a testimony of the Restoration. She’ll be at church Sunday 🙂 Sister Heugly was shocked by my boldness, but she compliments the companionship by promising blessing and expressing God’s love. ❤
We had a dinner appointment with the Elders (they were on trade offs so it was Elder Dunn and Elder Strauss), and they told us that they doorknocked into a guy that demanded the name and number of their boss…. 😀 They gave them President Jacobson’s number 😀 Then we drove separately to go do service at a member’s house, but it was dark outside, so when Sister H and I got there and we were waiting out on the doorstep, we heard donkey noises… The Elders had climbed up and were hiding in the tree!!

Thursday… not exciting.
FRIDAY Sister H got her ukulele in the mail! We’re planning on going Personal Contacting with it! 🙂
We also did service at Sister Hill’s house for most of the day! That was really fun and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her better! She served a mission in Italy and has the most adorable little girl!

Saturday we raked Sister Sun’s yard with the Elders and she took us all to Taco Bell 🙂 She promised not to flirt with anyone like she did at Los Tres Amigos 😉 #ShesSeventy

Sunday we had a great Stake Conference with Elder Allard from Canada! When President Jacobson got up to speak, all the missionaries started humming “Called to Serve” and walked up to the front and sang both verses. I was very emotional. We had to drop Huiqing because of who she is returning to China and having to join the Communist Party…. So that was kind of sad, but she wants to pursue her relationship with her Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and gave a beautiful prayer ❤
To close, I’ll leave with an awesome scripture I came across during studies: Luke 15:4-5 4 What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?
5 And when he hath found it, he layeth it on his shoulders, REJOICING!

Let us pray to find the lost sheep, or if we feel we are the one who is off track, remember that HE will find us and CARRY us! I know these things are true, in the name of the Shepard and our Redeemer and older Brother, Jesus Christ, AMEN!

Love, Sister Harrison ❤


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