Become as a Child

Hi Family and Friends,

I hope everyone had a great Columbus Week!
Monday, our District went to Hawk Island for Pday! We BBQed, played wiffleball and walked around the lake.

Tuesday, we went and did some Family History in the evening and found out my great-great grandpa is from Michigan!

WEDNSEADAY we had an amazing District Meeting on “Surrounding Yourself with Greatness.” It was basically on having a good attitude about missionary work. We all sat in a circle and had a discussion and bore our testimonies. “We should not just endure to the end, but ENJOY to the end!”
We had a few shined lessons… so we door knocked for 2 hours. Kahley had her baptismal interview with our District Leader Elder Dunn and he said it was one of the most spiritual experiences he’s ever had on his mission!

THURSDAY we visited Sister Sun. She’s moving in 2 weeks to Taiwan 😥 I have been visiting her every week for 6 months and she has truly changed my life. I will miss her greatly. ❤
We also attended the Relief Society activity where we learned how to line dance!

FRIDAY we planned a Talent Show to help unify the ward and have something fun for members to bring their friends to enjoy. We also celebrated Elder Maucotel’s birthday at Sister Kelley’s which is always a blast! 😀

SATURDAY was Kahley’s baptism! The water was too hot! Like, when does that ever happen? :O The District came and supported us and the turnout was great 🙂
Afterward, Sister H and I went door knocking and this one lady named Kay let us right in! She talked a lot and loves the Book of Mormon and wants us back! 🙂 She was talking about one of her son’s being named Joseph “just like [our] Joseph.” 😀

SUNDAY we had church and talked about roles in the family during gospel principles which I thought went really well 🙂 We also had dinner at the Ward Mission Leader’s home and talked about the 4 different types of Principles: Why, If/Then, Description, and Definition. It was a very philosophical discussion.

Well, I hope you all have a great week- even if it is getting a bit cold! (We got out the window scraper this week…)

1 John 4:19 We love Him, because He first loved us.

LOVE, Sister Harrison xoxox ❤


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