Where would I go?

Hi Family and Friends,

MONDAY we got Sister Heugly a coat and went to the mall with our district and welcomed Elder Dorrough into the District from Bay City. I had the opportunity to serve with him for 2 weeks when I was there.

TUESDAY we door knocked into the most prepared family! The Mitchell’s are their name and it’s a mom and her 3 little boys. They were asking all sorts of questions and believed in the Restoration and thought the Plan of Salvation was interesting. Man, they are sooo solid! We just have to get a return appointment with them. (They’re kinda busy.)
We also met this less active lady that Elder Strong used to meet with and her 7 year old daughter. 🙂 We asked her daughter to say the prayer and she asked if she could talk about cupcakes and her mom replied, “I don’t care, just make it respectful.” The result was hilarious. “Dear God, we’re thankful for today. Please give me strength tomorrow… to make cupcakes…” I was the only one laughing…

WEDNESDAY we didn’t have District Meeting because it was transfers week. :/ But we still all went out to lunch! We brought our friend Sister Stewart because she had come to our lesson with Bob and Sue who we discontinued teaching because we found out they had no intentions to change. Hopefully we still helped them come closer to Christ.

THURSDAY we went to a lesson with Kay Lockwood and her husband, he went off on Anti… So it was another drop lesson. He asked when I put on my sunglasses to leave if those were my peep stones and I said “Yeah, Prada makes some pretty stylish ones.” 😀 He didn’t appreciate me and wouldn’t make eye contact. #strongspirit
I felt bad for Sister Heugly, but I was trained in Grand Rapids, so I helped her recover from that.
Then I ended up getting a blessing that night for a different reason and had the opportunity to ask Elder Dunn’s new trainee! It was his first day and first blessing! His name is Elder Flukiger and he’s from Wyoming!

FRIDAY we walked for 6 hours but were rewarded with dinner at Applebee’s (and blessings in Heaven). Brother and Sister Stewart took us and after, we helped her put together a birthday package for her son who is on a mission. 🙂

SATURDAY we door knocked and raked leaves for a member.

SUNDAY was the Primary Program which was refreshing and cute! 🙂

Hope you all have a window scraper for your car!

Love, Sister Harrison xoxox ❤

We ought to be full of light and life and the power and spirit of the Living God and feel that we are messengers to the nations of the earth; we ought to feel the word of God burning like fire in our bones, feeling desirous to go and snatch men from the powers of darkness and the chains of corruption with which they are bound, and lead them in the paths of life. We ought to be prepared to go forth weeping, bearing precious seed that we might come back again rejoicing bringing our sheaves with us.” -John Taylor


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