The Light of the World

Legacy of Happiness.jpgDear Family and Friends,

MONDAY Sister H and I experienced the fancy life at this Italian restaurant called “Brovos!” It was good to spend some fun time with just the 2 of us. We met our zone at the Stake Center and played our weekly game of dodge ball which was crazy.

TUESDAY we did splits (where 2 Sisters in the ward go with each of us and visit people in the ward), and that’s been super successful! 🙂 It’s something I’ve tried to do my whole mission, and it’s great to have people on board with it! We went to this sketchy area and Sister Lewis (the member I was with) was visually frightened, and it was dark and we needed to get in to this apartment complex. I turned to her and said, “Don’t worry, I know some people.” So I reach into this broken glass door and turn the handle from inside and go knock on my boy Tony’s door and he gets us in and she was whiter than a ghost. Apparently that was the highlight of the Relief Society meeting the next day. “That Sister Harrison… she’s not afraid of anything!” 😀

WEDNESDAY at District Meeting our Zone Leaders made a guest appearance and we talked about getting less actives to progress towards the temple. It was really neat and they compared putting investigators on date to be baptized by putting less actives on a date to go to the temple! What a great concept! 😉 I guess that is the ultimate goal!

We always have lunch together as a district after our meeting, and for some reason when we took the long way to Chipotle. We were following the Elders around Lansing because Elder Dorrough’s GPS was flipping out. Then we saw a homeless lady at a stoplight and the four Elders in the car in front of us rolled down their window and gave her a $10 bill, some brownies, and a card 🙂 THAT’S why we took the long way… 😉 When we got home, we were heading out to go doorknocking and approached this girl at a BUS STOP. Yep. Sister Harrison and busses go hand in hand. We found out she was raised in the church but left it years ago. She’s been wanting to come back and had just moved into the community. We’re super excited to meet with her so details to come.
*We were not able to meet with Derek and Helen this week 😦 *

THURSDAY weekly planning took 6.5 hours. It’s only supposed to take 3. We helped Sister Held decorate her kitchen cabinets like presents and listened to Frank Sinatra Christmas music 🙂

FRIDAY we PCed (Personal Contacted) our whole area. Basically that means that we walked around and talked to whoever was in our path for 6 HOURS. Then some members, the Stewarts took us to a Mongolian grill and it was EPIC!! The guys at the big grill were flipping tongs in the air and singing and we had unlimited bowls of raw food that they grilled. My favorite recipe that I created was beef tips with pineapple and sweet chili. 😀

SATURDAY we had our ward Christmas breakfast and Sister Held came and brought her non-member husband and it was great ! 🙂 We started redoorknocking Okemos and picked up 5 potentials! 🙂

SUNDAY we watched the Christmas Devotional and that was AMAZING!(see if you missed it!)

I love and miss you all and hope you remember the reason for the season! If you forgot, check out the video below! ❤

Love, Sister Alex Harrison xoxox


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