Happy New Year!

12552747_10208393762946876_5367732637523873916_nIt’s 2016! Can you believe it?

This week was a roller coaster! Tuesday evening Sister Held and her non member husband took us on Splits… and we visited less actives Anna Bell and Arianna Eastman. Those were both very spiritual experiences.

Wednesday we had a District Meeting on goals which I thought was fun because of the New Year and resolutions and such.
It’s kind of hard being the “oldest” missionary in a district of greenies because no one can relate to the stage of my mission that I’m in. Each one has been out less than 4.5 months other than Elder Dunn and I and they talk of aspirations to leadership and baptism goals and I’m worrying if I’ll be able to talk to a boy in less than one month. #STRUGGLE We did first impressions at Olive Garden and one of the newer sisters said she was scared of me because I was intimidating she wanted to get on my good side because I was the “It Girl…”

We had a lesson with Ling and she asked Sister Heugly how she came to know the Book of Mormon is true, so we know she has real intent… there’s just a language barrier there. :/ We set up a appointment with her for the following day because we got a recent convert from the University Ward to help us but she shined us.. πŸ˜›
Anna Bell’s friend Mr. Washington invited us and the Elders over for Cajun, Atlantic caught shrimp stew. Man, it was intense! He’s a very interesting man and I touched gun bullets for the first time! We were also able to meet with Kristen- the girl we met at the bus stop last month who wants to start coming to church and she came! πŸ˜€

Thursday we saw president and sister Jacobsen and I asked them if they were going to party hard that night and President said that Sister J said they could only party as hard as Sister Harrison…. “Oh no!” I said. πŸ˜€ We were blessed to have our Ward Mission Leader and his wife welcome us into their home for dinner and ito meet their children and grandchildren. One of the ou aughters served on Temple Square about 20 years ago. It was interesting to hear her stories πŸ™‚
We karaoked with one of our less actives and her 7 year old daughter. It’s just the 2 of them and she’s from Africa. They are so special. It reminded me of when the Elders came over for Christmas dinner and when I was a child and busted the machine out πŸ™‚
We closed the night with a grassroots missionary get together for a I illed with charades and Catch Phrase.

Friday we picked up a solid potential named Alex πŸ˜€ He’s in college. We will visit him tonight. We also visited Sister Kruger and her granddaughters who were in town. It was great to meet them, as they are in my home ward apparently! They were all over me, hugging and snuggling and showing off. It was great πŸ˜€
I helped a member with a website she’s trying to set up, and had the opportunity to use my creative writing skills which I thoroughly enjoyed. We got homemade bread out of the deal which was fantastic. πŸ™‚
We stopped by our Bishop’s home super briefly for a open house and door knocked into a guy who was obsessed with BYU-Hawaii of all places.

Saturday Sister Heugly and I got in a pretty big disagreement, but we’re over it now and actually found a lot of success that day in the sense of potentials and hours we went finding. We also had a neat dinner appointment with a less active family and they were just so inspirational with how much they’re trying to turn their lives around. The mother is Native American and remarried a convert and they have two kids together and are really working on Family Home Evening which they feel has changed the tone of the spirit in their home. Sunday was uplifting. Relief Society was good and half of our less actives came out to church! πŸ™‚

See you in 22 days! ❀
Love, Sister Harrison

“By preaching righteousness, our missionaries seek to treat the causes of war. They preach repentance from personal corruption, greed, and oppression because only by individual reformation can we overcome corruption and oppression by groups or nations. By inviting all to repent and come unto Christ, our missionaries are working for peace in this world by changing the hearts and behavior of individual men and women.” -Dallin H. Oaks


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