My Companions


Rebecca Napua Roberts – my trainer taught me everything. She was patient, long-suffering, charitable, and allowed me to be me. Here’s to a trainer who is humble, meek, and loves the Lord with all her heart. She taught me how to be spontaneous!

Haley Diane Daker – my first trainee taught me how to choose the right! She laughed at my jokes and was obedient. She was studious and had new, refreshing ideas. She has a special love for all she comes in contact with. She taught me that silence is okay and not to fret about the small things.

Kya Yan Lau McLeod – my greenie buster taught me how to work hard and be more sensitive to the spirit. She taught me how to appreciate the small things in life like rainbows and homemade cheese. She taught me how to be bold, but not overbearing.

Lea Marie Peterson- my experienced veteran taught me that old souls are gold souls and that numbers aren’t everything. She taught me how to repent, how to laugh, and I thank her for always being on the same page. She taught me how to live life with no regrets.

Rachel Cornelia Smith – my humbler. She taught me how to be diligent and how to use time wisely. She taught me to never take offense and she never judged anyone! What a fantastic listener.

Kaeli Shay Heugly – my second born reminded me to perspire not aspire. She was always looking for ways to improve.

Allison Foster- the mother figure… She appreciated my humor and was caring and was a great example of righteous leadership.

Taylor Watts- the big sister… she was rough and tough in love and used every moment as a teaching moment. She never passed up an opportunity to bear her testimony. She was passionate.


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